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Episode 85

Ai no arashi, Zephiroth's Broom
(Tempest of Love, Zephiroth's Broom)

Phantom decided to wait patiently the coming of MÄR's team, but Candice and Lauren weren't of the same opinion, and because of this, they decided to stop their enemies before than they would arrive to the First Knight. Alviss and Dorothy, meanwhile, were running up to an exit. The girl thought that probably in that moment, Ginta had already saved Snow and protected her from who wanted to kill her, ending with a warm kiss. Furious, she beats up agains an obstacle hung in a wall, and talks with Bell; the littly fairy tells her that she's in that place because she wants to stay near Alviss, and she would go everywhere with him. Dorothy affirmed the same thing, but the man that she would always follow was Ginta. Alvis seemed a bit annoyed from the discourse... Ginta was always a boy that came from another world, how could he remain with her? This was true, Dorothy understood that her goal was just one: find her sister and kill her with her own hands for all the bad things she had made to Kaldea, and not just for that. Arrived in front of a huge door, the two of them felt that inside of that, there was a big source of magic power. Surely it was Phantom's one, and, trying to go on, they were stopped by Lauren and Candice. Alviss, after saying Bell to go in a safe place, fighted against the handsome Chess' Knight; whereas Dorothy made the same thing with Candice. The fight wasn't monotone at all, in fact the two Knights helped each other, and tried to kill the two intruders as fast as they could, in order to prevent Phantom's death, the person that for them was all. The power of Candice's rock was perfect for Lauren's Stone Cube. The two of them, without efforts knocked Alviss and Dorothy to the ground. When Candice was going to use her Megumi no Hakari, Lauren catched Alviss inside a new ÄRM with the shape of a cage, inside of which they couldn't use any kind of ÄRM. Candice, between a yuri scene and an happy hit received, tells to Dorothy that before joining the Chess no Koma she was a general of a special squad., obviously she was pityless and authoritative. The day when she met Phantom, it was love at the first sight, and from that moment on, she had to go with him, especially in this moment, she had to protect him with all her strength. Alviss didn't know how to go out from the cage, and everytime he touched the bars, he was hit by an electrical wave that weaken him very much. Bell, seeing her beloved one in that status, decided to make something to save him. Candice continued to provocate Dorothy as she could and enjoyed all the hits she took, up to the moment when her ÄRM was ready to summon Lamiar, a new Guardian ÄRM. This one started to play a strange melody that numbed the witch, who thought to the old times, when she was an apprentice. Candice profitted of this moment and, pretending to be Diana, told to Dorothy that she always plotted against her, because her only desire was her lust for power. Dorothy was very sad because of these words. She loved very much her sister, even if she made many mistakes and left her alone when she learned to use the magic power (Diana gave her as a present the Zerphiroth's Broom), destroyed Kaldea and now was her bitter enemy... she was always her sister. In the meanwhile, Bell came back with a cat who helped her, and with all the power of love that she feels for Alviss, tried to break off the Magic Stone that gave power to Lauren's ÄRM. All seemed to be useless, but it wasn't like this. Dorothy, hearing her words, understood what she was doing (even if she was thinking of Ginta), and her real goal came to her mind. So, she stood up and made an attack with her Zephiroth's Broom, that everyone felt, even the members of the team MÄR that weren't there. Thanks to the powerful blow of Wind, Bell menaged to break off the Magic Stone, and save Alviss, whereas Dorothy annihilated Lauren and Candice. The others of Team MÄR approaced to their companions and congratulate with them for their victory. Ginta shown to Dorothy that he was able to save Snow as he promised, but a new character shown up, locking everybody inside a Darkness ÄRM whereas he injected something strange to Alviss... what was going on? And above all, who was that mysterious character?

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