∞ This is Requiem the fanlisting dedicated to the series Code GEASS Hangyaku no Lelouch R2.

∞ This is absolutely my favourite series. I'm obsessed with Code GEASS from the first season, and it's a honour for me to run it, I will never thank enough Mitzrael and Kylara who approved it in animefanlistings. I'd like to thanks Dorothy for her support and the precious suggestions she always give me when I made a fanlisting. Thanks again!! >_<

∞ I'm trying to make a little shrine for this amazing series, so I will update it often in order to create a good sitely part! :D But, don't forget to join the fanlisting if you're a fan!!! ^__^



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April 18, 2011: The fanlisting reached 250 members!! Thank you so much!! ;____;
March 24, 2009:
And finally, the second version of this fanlisting is up!! *--* Just few things. You're listening to Love is Justice, a track of the first OST of Code GEASS R2 (obviously). If you're curious, the phrase in the top of the layout is the last sentence of C.C. in Turn 25, I just wanted to write it there because it's a key phrase... that gives me hope! :)
I want to thank Dorothy as I did for the first version, because she really helped me a lot when I was unsure of the effects I could use! :D And, as usual XD, I'll try to keep this place alive! >_<

Bye bye for now! :D




Lelouch Lamperouge/Vi Britannia - Physical Shirley Fenette Milly Ashford C.C. & Kozuki Karen/Kallen Stadtfeld Gino Weinberg & Kozuki Karen/Kallen Stadtfeld Viletta Nu & Ohgi Kaname Reincarnation (C.C.'s Character Song)Code GEASS R2 Op1 - 02 Code GEASS R2 Op2 - WORLD END TURN 15 - C no Sekai Cheese-kun



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