You reached Ai no Melody, the fanlisting dedicated to Louise Halevy, character of the series Kidou Senshi Gundam 00. And... this is the second version of this fanlisting!! *--* I'm proud to own it, since Louise is a character that (till now) had not deluded me and I continue to love her.

When I was approved for this fanlisting I really had no good images of her (Sunrise, you just look at the Meisters, lol), but this time I had the chance to use new and better ones, I just cleaned the one on the left. Louise changed very much from the first season, but the person inside of her is always the same, she just have to believe in someone that can save her from her loneliness and he is obviously not Andrei t . I think that this layout fits better than the previous one, as for now! ^o^

I'll try to make a little shrine for her, so, stay tuned! :D And don't forget to join the fanlisting if you're a fan! ^-^/


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Louise & Saji


February 18, 2009: And the new version is finally up! *-* And, thank you, the fanlisting hit 25 members!! *--*

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