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Izayoi Aki Fanlisting
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Hi! Welcome to BROKEN MASK, a shrine and the official TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Fudo Yusei and Izayoi Aki, two marvelous characters from the series Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's!
Aki is an hartless and mysterious duelist that hides her identity behind the code name Black Rose Witch, Yusei is a cool and rational boy with a golden heart. Their meeting changes Aki's life and her conception of duels. Yusei can see in her heart. She isn't a witch, just a fragile girl that needs to be accepted. Aki doesn't know what a friend is and she can't believe in anyone but herserlf.
Maybe Yusei can open her heart with his sincerity...

A big and very special thanks to the great Towa for the beautiful fan-art. It's the expression of their feelings and I hope that one day, Yusei will drain Aki's tears erasing her sadness.

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