This is The Best Match, the C.C. and Kallen Stadtfeld/Karen Kozuki Fanlisting, two main characters of Code GEASS and Code GEASS R2. It was a long time since I decided to create a fanlisting for them. In the first season there was just some jealousy between them, but after one year together, I think they become inseparable! XD I'll do my best to dedicate them something good! (^-^). And if you're a fan of them as me, feel free to join the fanlisting!<3


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June 11, 2009: The fanlisting reached 25 members, thank you very much!!! *--*

30.08.2008: Added the Picture Drama section! ^-^
26.08.2008: More codes added!
25.08.2008: Added 12 new codes!<3
22.08.2008: Updated the part dedicated to the relationship and opened the one dediated to the sound episode!
04.08.2008: Addes C.C. and Kallen's profiles! yaaa
02.08.2008: I finally menaged to end this fanlisting!! I had problems with Enthusiast and wasted a big part of the day! =_= But now I'm happy and the Fanlisting part is up, even if the affiliates aren't still there! I'm going to update the about part tomorrow! :D

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