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This is Pizza Hugging the approved fanlisting dedicated to Cheese-kun, the mascot of the Japanese restaurant chain and international franchise Pizza Hut. It's extremely cute, isn't it? I personally love it very much (I usually talk about Cheese-kun referring to "him"! XD) and if you do it as me, consider to join the fanlisting, please!<3
I'd like to thank my sister Dorothy and my nii-san Akira K.S. who supported me very much and allow me to built this fanlisting when I need time! >_< And thanks to Narona because of the wonderful vector of Cheese-kun she did! :D
The layout features C.C., the heroin of the anime Code Geass, where Cheese-kun is her plushie (as mine is *-*).

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December 31, 2009: Thank you so much!! The fanlisting now has 50 supporters!! *--*

February 03, 2009: the fanlisting reached 25 members, thank you!! *--*

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Cheese-kun is property of Pizza Hut Japan, I do not intend to violate his rights!! Layout and contents by Miriallia, do not riproduce without my pemission.