Hi! Welcome to "The Most Important Thing", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Kawai Shizuka and Jonouchi Katsuya (also known as Serenity and Joey Wheeler in the American dub), two adorable characters from the popular series Yu-Gi-Oh!, created and illustrated by the great Takahashi Kazuki and famous for its Tarding Card Game, Duel Monsters!

Shizuka and Katsuya are brothers but from when their parents were separated, Shizuka lives with her mother (getting her surname "Kawai") and Katsuya with his father. This separation is terrible but their bond is infinitely stong and they won't ever leave that the situation would make them extraneous. Shizuka and Jonouchi are very sweet together and many times they risk their life in order to protect the one of the other, they have an eternal and beautiful bond, nobody can destruct what they feel.
This is the reason why I chose "The Most Important Thing" as title for their fanlist, I'd like to express a little part of their sweet relation. I always thought that If I could have a brother, he would be like Jonouchi!! This boy is the perfect brother and friend, he wants to protect Shizuka and his smiles for her are the sweetest I've ever saw.

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