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Hi! Welcome to "Emphatic", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Lala Satalin Deviluke , the energetic, adorable and totally crazy protagonist of the series To LOVE-Ru, created and illustrated by tha amazing Yabuki Kentarou!

Lala is the princess of Deviluke. She ran away from home because of her father, the king, that wanted to constrinct her to get married with a person that she didn't love. In the Earth Lala knows Rito, an apparent normal (?) student, and falls in love with him. But life isn't easy for her, because Rito is a pervert and he's in love with another girl, Sairenji Haruna, a sweet schoolmate that became the best friend and the best rival for Lala!
Then, in order to stay with Rito, Lala decides to become a student and here start her adventures, revolutionizing Rito's usual life!

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