You've just reached Looking Glass, the fanlisting dedicated to Luca Robinson the main character of the series Okyu no Trinity (Trinity of the Royal Palace)!

   Luca is love. ❤ He's a pure boy who hides a sad past. But this sorrow doesn’t prevent him from doing his very best as a thief and as a person. In fact, he’s willing to steal in order to give to the poor (he’s always been poor himself). He’s a good friend and loves children – he plays a lot with them when he’s able too. Luca is indeed a good boy. He has a very kind soul and is very skilled with the sword. He’s part of the Royal Investigators together with Sylvain and Noel and fights in order to prevent the rich and powerful nobles to cheat. He’s in love with his childhood friend Noel, but he’s sure he can’t even think to be something like a boyfriend to her because she’s a princess. I’m rooting for you!  ❤

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