Hi! Welcome to One More Chance, the TAFL approved fanlisting for Kamiya Komaki and Otomiya Kusame, two adorable characters of the manga Shinshi Doumei Cross (also known as The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross), created and illustrated by the awesome Tanemura Arina!

Komaki and Kusame are a lovely couple but their love wasn't born at the first sight... Their story is something sweet and bitter, a love that knows every feeling and that grow up day by day, becoming stronger than yesterday!

This fanlisting was originally owned by Janice, that let me adopt it in September 2008! I want to make a special thanks to her, Komaki and Kusame are the most lovely couple in Shinshi Doumei Cross and I'm totally in love with them! So, thank you very much, I'm so proud to own and take care of this fanlisting!



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