Hi! Welcome to "Broken Heart", the TAFL approved fanlisting and a little shrine dedicated to Marion Phauna , a marvellous character from the series Shaman King, created and illustrated by Takei Hiroyuki!

Marion is an enigmatic girl, she hates the world because in the past she has been marked as a witch and all rejected her for this reason.
She didn't know love and kindness, so she grew up alone with herself and her hate. Day by day, Marion became schizophrenic and even if she knew that other two girls like her (Kanna and Matilda, with whom she composes the Hanagumi Team) were sad for this "rejection" of the world, she remained introverted.

Marion's heart is fragile and she fights in order to destroy the world that she hates, but the world contains beautiful things, and she can't see them, blind because of the darkness... Her sad destiny is the consequence of a hate that she had never had deleted. Y_Y

This fanlisting has been created by Seiyuuki and after her, owned by Shaza, that I want to thank with all the heart because she kindly let me adopt it in May 2009! Thank you very much, I'll take care of her forever!

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