☆ You reached Shining Angel, the fanlisting and shrine dedicated to Shirley Fenette, my favourite character of Code GEASS and Code GEASS R2.

☆ Yay! XD This is the fourth version of it, and I think it will be the last one, because for real, I'm really satisfied! *-* I made this layout thinking of Dorothy, because she always said that the first version of this fanlisting was the one that she liked the most. So I tried to make a new version of that layout and I think it fits very well with this wonderful character. The choice of the images used for the layout was very hard, since at a first time I took images that were all similar {Shirley's smile was in all of them} and then I started to take different ones {so sad the one of the right-bottom... ;__;}. The shrine is still uncomplete, but I hope to finish it before summer's coming.

☆ Before leaving I wanted to thank all the members of this fanlisting, because I always read sweet comments that make me very happy to built something for Shirley and, above all, make me understand how this character is important for each one of you, as for me is. So, thank you very much for your support, I'll continue to do my best! :D



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Orikasa Fumiko


May, 31 2009:

FANLISTING: Added 36 new codes! *-*
SHRINE: Added the Image Song section and some icons! :D

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