Hello! Welcome to "Treasure Your Feelings", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Nakano Itsuki, the always hungry heroine from the series Go-Tōbun no Hanayome, created by the talented Haruba Negi!

Itsuki is the first girl introducted in the series and the most serious among the five of them. She is a tsundere, but her cute side is always shown to her sisters, that she loves so much.
In fact, the only ones that have her attentions are them, because she is an antisocial person that is not interested in social communication or such, only in her family. Futaro and his sister Raiha are the only exceptions, because she is just so cute and Itsuki adores her, and he is an idiot. Anyway, Itsuki has a thing for him, so... he shares some sweet moments and a lot of bitter ones with her! And it is his fault. Because Itsuki is a polite and serious girl that studying apart, does not enter this much in the others' life. And the only time that he tried to ask a person to help her with study, he treated her bad. Meh.

I love Itsuki, she is simply adorable! She shares a special bond with her sisters and she loves so much her deceased mother, wishing to be like her in the future. Such an adorable girl, I wish her the best~

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