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I'm struck dumb. Ga-chan actually chooses a loser like this to be the leader of Luberia?! Is his brain nuts?! He's really a mad lightning!!! So mad that he doesn't even think!

“Cutie, you're sure you don't want to have my autograph?”

I pretend to be one of his greatest of the greatest fan who love him so much that I'm willing to die for him.

“Oooooohhhh!!! Nanashi-saaaannn!!! Is this a dream?! I can actually meet you! The beauty of your eyes! The smoothness of your face! The elegant moves of your hands! Aaaahhh!!! Can't speak again!!”

He grins happily, stupid, moron, thief! He's as stupid as Ga-chan!

“Well, sit here, then, cutie!”

“Can I massage you? (adds a heart)”

“Yes, you can, cutie! Of course!”

So I rush to his back, smirking inside my heart. He's still nuts with the girls. I carefully slid the scarf, then gives a special edition of my kick on his head. He lie on the ground, moaning and groaning. I put something on his neck.

I roar with devilish laugh, then run away with the scarf. Does he and Ga-chan love blue things?! I'm sick of that colour already.

He suddenly gets up again, terror in his face. He's shivering, as if he's now in the North Pole. “Nanashi-san, what is it?! Does that girl's kick makes you like this?! We'll chase her right now and stomp her to bits!!! Charge, girls!”

Wow, tomboy women.

“No, no, lovies! I'll get….her…myself…”

He's shivering even more, staggering like a wimp.

“Nanashi-san, why are you acting like that?!”

“W-well… Someone sold me a magic ice cube 3 years ago… When I…just…join…Luberia….it will…stay cold and never melt.…”


“I…mistaken…it…as…an…ordinary…ice…cube…and…eat…it…It's a…small…ice…cube….”



Silence. Silence. Silence.

I think they are gonna leave him alone and call him ‘pathetic'. But instead of it, a woman gives her jacket and put it around Nanashi's neck.

“Wear this, Nanashi-san. Catch that girl now!”

Uh oh.

“Yeah, Nanashi-san! Go! Go! Go!”


“Thanks, lovies!!! I'll get back any minute with my scarf in hand!” He blows kisses to them, who are screaming like crazy.

Better run then.

He's as good as Ga-chan in running. Mad Lightning Junior is yelling at me, dashing past any obstacles with me screaming and shrieking and laughing and storming and—

“There she is!”—Ginta

“Get her!”—Dorothy


“Ouch! Ow! You're gonna regret this, fool!! Ouch! Yikes! Get off me!”—Alan

“My inheritance…!”—Alviss

“I'll show you a fairy's powers!!! You'll regret for bumping Al-san's perfect face to the wall!!!”—Bell

“Mr. Hopschins!!! Papa's gonna save you!!! Stay put!! Don't get hurt! Come back to Papa!”—Jack

“Cutie! My scarf! I need it!”—Nanashi

I run, nearly like a mad lightning too, yelling and screaming with 8 demonic creatures chasing me ( I count Babbo and Bell as one).

“Ga-chaaaaannnn!!! Heeeellllpppp!!! I promise I won't steal your headband again, promise, promise, promise!!!”

*Copyright Author XD* Phantom is smirking in the castle, looking at his monitor.

“Galian—or maybe Ga-chan? Sh—“

He sees Galian's expression.

“Okay, Galian. Shouldn't you help her?”

“Not after she makes me like this.”

“You're dressed in a robe now, Ga-ch—sorry, Galian.”

“No. I want to give her a lesson.”

“Hmp. You will be more frustrated if she's here, Galian…”


*Back to Keira* ”Ga-chaaaaaannnn!!! You demonic devil!!! Okay, I'm sorry I did that to you, but don't you like it? It's better than boring old red and black!!!” Big mistake I said that. He doesn't come, not even speaking to me. Tsk. Mad Lightning Senior is sulking.


“Who's she talking to?”—Ginta

“Never mind.”—Babbo

“If she breaks my exquisite powder bottle, she'll pay for it!!!”—Dorothy

“Aagh! I can feel it! The pain!!! Ribbon-chaaaannn!!! You're hurt!!!! I'll get you back and I'll give you maintenance and keep you in a sterile room with a 24 hours guard machine and when you‘re safe back in my head, I'll—“

“Enough, Snow!”—Dorothy


“Hraaaaaaahhhhh!!!”—Bell trying to fly at maximum speed.

“Get off! Ow! Ouch! I'm not a rat! No! Aargh!!!”—Alan

“Mr. Hopschins!!! Oh, talk to Papa! Please! You know I can't manage without you! I can't sleep or eat or go to the loo or take a bath without you!!! My dear darling!!!”—Jack

“Scarf! Scarf!”—Nanashi

“Ga-chaaaaan!!! How can you be so mean?!”—me

We run and yell and scream all day long, until our throats are dry and we're sweating like an athlete being pushed to train 24 hours for the olympics. I throw something at Jack (he's in the last position, Nana-chan is in the first position)

He steps on it, as I always wanted! Hahahahahahah!!!

I use my skates, then run away from them all, who are panting and wheezing and sweating.


Jack finds Mr.Hospkind or whatever it is, such a weird name, and he also found out that he steps on it!!! He howls and locks himself in his room, brushing it and combing it and kissing it and cuddling it and saying yucky yucky things like ‘There, there now. Papa's here. I'm terribly very very sorry because I step on you. You'll forgive me, right, darling?' Yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck

Snow finds her extra gorgeous and antique and high-quality ribbon ripped and scratched by kittens. She sobs and gently strokes every string, then puts it on her dressing table, making a funeral for it. She closes her eyes, recalling every meritorious service her Daddy and the fairy and the workers made. Yeeek…

Ginta finds his pony-tail dangling on Alviss' head. He tries to pull it but Alviss yells and shouts because the Superglue has stick to his blue hair. A few of it falls off and the poor lad nearly fainted of shock.

But then Thirteen Totem Poles Boy stops whining because he finds his inheritance on Nanashi's neck! He has to open the jacket, and Nanashi shivers and his teeth goes kletek-kletek-kletek.

Dorothy gets angry with Jack's stupid pretending-game. She destroys the door using her witch broom and she finds her powder. She squeals and uses it quickly, fussing that a blackhead has appear because she misses one treatment and etc, etc.

Alan finally get the kittens off his hand, after the rat perfume fades to thin air. He grumbles and uses a Holy ARM, then hides behind Alviss and asks him to shoo the kittens. Bishounen-Guy sighes and shoo the little creatures, but Snow accidentally steps on one of the cat's tail and it flies, landing right into Alviss' arm. The others are startled and one jumps to Nanashi's neck, nearly killing him as his veins are scratched and bite, another one jumps to poor Alan's face, scratching it, nearly making his eyes blind. The Trio Cat Victims jump up and down, ‘Ouch!'ing or ‘Ow!'ing and whining and moaning and groaning. Even Alviss forgets about his ‘cool' image.

Nanashi is very, very upset. He doesn't want to eat much or flirting. I forget to give his scarf back. So at dinner's time, they're making this barbecue which makes me drool so much, I loosen my grip, and the scarf falls, right into the fire. Nanashi gets up as fast as a mad lightning. He yells,”Scarf! Scarf!” and grabs his scarf back, but not very stable…and he and his wretched scarf topple into the fire!!! He yells, groans, whines, but doesn't do anything to get out of the red flames. Snow uses her ice ARM and saves Nanashi, but half his clothes are burn…and his stomach… Barbecue Nanashi! Yummy!

Snow heals him, then Nana-chan realises something. He isn't wearing anything around his neck and he's not shivering!!! He's healed because of the human barbecue thing! He skips and sings a song, inviting ladies to flirt with him. Everyone just shake their heads like an opposite of Noddy.

Now where am I gonna sleep?! I got food supplies, so that's settled, but what about sleeping?! The author here is really crazy to make me, the gorgeous, beautiful lady, sleeps outside!!! ( stop nagging at me, Keira…)

I have a little argy-bargy with the author.

“You make me sleep outside!!!” ( It's not my idea, it's Ga-chan's idea!)

“What?!” ( Wanna hear it?)

“Damn it! But yes, you can start telling me.” ( Right, okay. So… once upon a time—)

“Not a fairy tale, stupid! Tell me about Ga-chan!” ( Don't be such a meanie. Okay, Ga-chan is a former lea--)

“I already know that! Just tell me how he wants me to sleep outside!” (Right, right! Okay, he says he's going to give you a lesson.)

“He's a demon!!! Doesn't he know that I'm still his junior?!” ( Well, you make him angry…)

“I just paint him with pink! For pity's sake!” (…….Look, there's no point arguing with you. I have to leave this story, so bye bye!)

“What?! You bastard! You leave me! Demonic devil! Bad-tempered old bag!” and many rude names again…

I sleep on the grass, sulking like Donald Duck. “I won't be able to sleep in this uncomfy garden, the mosquitoes will bite me and suck my blood like little Petas. And…and…“ I mumble, yawn, then nod off to sleep.

In the castle, Ga-chan has a little heart-to-heart chat with the author.

“Can't believe she can be so mean!!!” (…*snort*)

“Making me pink! And the paint won't come off!!!” (*cupping her hands againts her ready-to-explode-mouth*)

“I hope she'll get a lesson!” ( Bwahahahahahahah!!!)

“What?! You're laughing at me?!” ( Cough…no! Hahahah! No… Heheh! Hohoho! Cough, cough! Yes, Ga-chan?)

“…” ( Hey! Okay, I won't laugh anymore! *Snort* Hahahahahahahahah!!!)

“Forget about it…You're the same as Keira…or that girl….” ( Oh, yes, that girl. Hahahahahahahah!!! No! *smacks her own face* Stop laughing, you damn mouth!! Hohohohoh!!!)

“….I'm going to bed now, so you better laugh somewhere else…” (Okay, okay! Hahahahah!!! No, no, no!!! *pins her own mouth with a paper clip* *Burble, burble* *explodes* Hahahahahahahahahahah!! Night night, Ga-chan!!! Ohohohohoh!!!)

It turn out to be a heart-to-heartless chat…


*Yawn* What…? Ah, yes. I'm in Ragenrave now. Wait a sec!!! Ga-chan abandons me?! Now it's morning and he doesn't even comes to bring me back!! Nooooooo!!! Ga-chan, how can you abandon me?! You devilish senior!!! Bad-tempered mad lightning!!! I'll—

“You! You're…..that thief!!! Guys, catch her!!!”

“You're my ribbon's murderer!!! Haaaaaahhhhhh!!!( boiling with rage)”

“Now my face is full of blackheads because of you!!! You'll pay for this!”

“Mr.Hopschins!!! You steal and ruin him!!! Papa's gonna take revenge for you, Mr.Hopschins!!!”

“I'm scratched by cats all night long because of you, bastard!!!”

“And me….”

“Me too!!! But cutie, you're my savior!!! My neck is now normal!!! Let me thank you, cutie!!!!”

“No! All of you, get off me!!!” They're circling me, and I'm inside it, the Circle of Life—only this one isn't the Circle of Life, this is the Circle of Death!

I'm suffocating to death, 14 arms trying to grab me. “Aaaagghhh!!! Ga-chaaaaaannnn!!!”

Still no answer. That pig!!!

Then I remember the Punching Gloves. “Weapon ARM! Punching Gloves!!!” Twiiiinggg!!! They all go flying, that must be what you think. Nope. I'm the one who fly, and land with a ‘Kabooom!!!' on the ground 100 miles from the 7 killing dwarfs.

“Ouch….” I whine, rubbing my poor, porcelaine-like butt.

Even from 100 miles far, that Mad Lightning Junior can chase me. He yells,”Cutie!!! Are you hurt?! Come on! I just want to thank you!!!”

“Bog off, you bitch!!! Don't you lay a finger on me!!!” then dash with my skates.

“Na-na-shi!!!”~Ginta from the Ed's flying carpet.

“You demonic thief!!! You kill my ribbon!!!”~Snow running ( she can be a really fast runner when she's mad)

“Toto, eat her!!!”~Dorothy from her broom, summoning her big, greedy, shittin' dog.

“I'll make you feel the pain to be scratched by cats!!!”~Alan from the flying thing.

“…”~Alviss running.

“Mr. Hopschins!!! Papa will revenge for you!!! You just see!!!”~Jack from the flipping, flying thingy.

“Ga-chaaaaaaannnnn!!!” They nearly catch me now, Nanashi's still in the first position even though most of them use flying things.

And….Tereteteeeeeettt!!!! A robe-man appears in front of me. I can't see his face, but my sophisticated women intuition says,”He's Ga-chan!!!”

I leap to the air, landing to him with super extra volume of tears running from my eyes. Only he doesn't let me hang to him. He take a step back…and…booom….Fall to the ground—again.

I play dead, not even groaning or whining. Nanashi is ready to jump into me, but when he sees I'm ‘dead', he stops. All of them stop. Even Bouncy-Girl takes back her pet dog.

They all look at Ga-chan, if he has done anything to me. *Copyright AuthorXDD*

Ga-chan shrugges, but then touches my head. Snow starts her funeral prayer, telling me to rest in peace and etc, etc… Nanashi bends down and looks at me, puzzled. Fairy-friend raises his eyebrow, but then steps forward too. Jack suddenly howls, something like,”Why does she have to die??? I haven't got to revenge!!! This is so sad! Mr.Hopschins, say goodbye.” Alan lectures about dying at young age and stealing will end up like this, so we should appreciate our lives and use it for blah blah blah… Ginta clasps his hands, like a Japanese prayer. Dorothy picks a flower and put it on my head. I hear Ga-chan calling my name, in a panicky way. People start to gather and sob. And now, at the age 16, I have a funeral, only I'm not dead!!!

I leap up, bumping to poor Ga-chan's chin, making him lie on the ground, groaning.

Jack stops sobbing, and strikes a Kung Fu pose. Snow also poses a Kung Fu kick. They both look like the Ninja Turtles. Alviss flinches, then lands on his butt, mouth open, muttering something like,”You…have a Zombie Tattoo?!” Nanashi leaps , trying to hug me, but I kick him and he lies on the ground, the same pose as Ga-chan. Dorothy yells, fussing about the life of a flower, how it matters, and etc. Alan stops lecturing about death and starts lecturing about why it's bad to be close with thieves, because look, what happens to that robe-man and Nanashi and the flower and blah blah blah. They're thieves too, idiot. Ginta opens his eyes and blinks them like a porcelaine doll, his hands still clasped together.

I roar with laughter. I pull Ga-chan until he sits upright, then I pull his hood. Again, and again, I roar with laughter, now even louder and rolling on the ground. Everyone's mouths are open. Jack and Snow's Kung Fu pose turn out to be a tragic scream of laughter, posing like they have a bad stomachache. Nana-chan can't decide whether to laugh or not seeing his former senior like that. Alan stops lecturing, snorts, then laughes until he chokes and suffocates. Doro and Gin laughes a lot, until they have to hang onto each other, eyes watering. Al chuckles a bit, but then looks at Ga-chan in a puzzled manner.

Ga-chan pulls his hood quickly, not wanting everyone see him like that. He tweaks my ears,”You bitch!!!”

“S…top…Hahahahahahah!!!” I'm laughing so non-stoply that I ignore the pain in my ears. I choke and splutter and my stomach is aching now but I can't stop!!! Oh, my!!!

“Galian?!” Nana-chan gasps.

Ga-chan looks at him like a poor puppy. He's starting to learn how to make puppy's eyes from me.

“Pink…hair?! And that headband is horrendous!” There's a ‘Hoho! Haha! Hehe!' behind him.

Ga-chan continues his amateur puppy's eyes, although of course Nana-chan can't see him inside that gloomy robe.

“Say something, Galian!!!” He's shaking poor Ga-chan.

“She made me like this…” he mumbles, looking deadly tragic. Nana-chan stares at me who's rolling on the ground, still screaming with laughter.


“Ahahahahahah!!! Don't…ca..ll…me…cutie… Ahahahahah!!!”

Phantom-hater courages himself to say something,”More importantly, does she got Zombie Tattoo…?”

Nana-chan stares at him in a dismayed manner,”Have you lost your mind, Al-chan? No, she doesn't! She's just pretending! Far more importantly, how come my senior became a hippie??!!” He roar, waving his hands in the air.

“I'm not a hippie, stupid. I told you, I'm being pranked by her.”

“Boohooo!!! Galian!!! I can't believe this!!!” He's still roaring, not even hearing Galian's bubble speech.

“Settle down, you idiot. Hear me!!!” He uses his electric thingy. Zap!!! Nanashi lies on the ground, being barbequed again. No one takes any notice, they're too busy breathing in more oxygen as they can hardly stop laughing. Alan is now bright red in the face.

Nana-chan and Ga-chan, my two idiotic seniors, have a little chat about 'I can't believe this!' and ‘Listen to me! She paints me!', right, okay, little argy-bargy a la melodrama between two seniors, start!!!

Nana-chan clutching Ga-chan's hands,”I can't believe this, darling!!! How can you be a hippie???? Ah, my blood pressure!” *puts his hand on his forehead, his face looking dead tragic*

Ga-chan pose like a man who's trying to propose a girl, hands outstretched,”Sweetie, hear me first… That girl is the one who paints me with pink…How would I want to be a hippie? Leaving you, my gorgeous senorita??? ( although of course Nana-chan isn't a woman)”

Nana-chan grabs his hands back,”Oh, my dear, dear husband!! Yes, how can I think about that? Oh, please, forgive me, my one and the only man!” His eyes blink like a doll, looking like a real hermaphrodite.

“With all my heart I'll forgive you, darling…”

And they start to do the Nutcracker's ballet dance, looking dead embarassing in the costumes. Really, they do that!!! I'm not lying! *Double extra edition of the cutest from the cutest puppy's eyes at the readers and the author*

Author: No, it's not like that. Readers, ignore her. She's just telling fibs again.

Keira: No, I'm not!!! Readers, you like me, don't you?! Just ignore the boring old author and believe me!

Author: Stop it. I don't want to waste time so off you go, get back to your story. And tell the real things!!! Or I'll fire you as the main character!

Bah. Boring old bag. Ok, I am telling fibs. But wouldn't it be great if it goes that way??? Only that stupid insect forbiddens it…Cheek!!

Just forget about the ‘darling's and the ‘senorita's and the ‘sweetie's and all the other stuff. The main idea is Ga-chan explains and finally Nana-chan understands, but then roar with laughter and starts poking him so Ga-chan smacks him and tells him to shut up and all the physical argueing thing. Both arms fly in the air and smack the other's arms like a little child's battle. They do this again and again, until the arms are just like shadows because each one is at its maximum speed and power. Can't believe these childish men are my seniors!!!

They stop after five minutes, both hands red and sore. Nana-chan looks at me.

“So you're a Chess no Koma?”

All the others who are still laughing stop their five-minutes-project, still smiling and snorting.


“And I doubt you're the prankster of the gang?”


“You paint…Galian pink???”

“Yeah, look for his clothes and hiraiken! It's also dead posh!!!” I'm ready to leap at Ga-chan and pull his robe, but he gives me a deadly aura that I scurry back, hiding behind Nana-chan.

Nana-chan smirks at me, then whispers something to my ear. I smile and nod at him. Ga-chan takes a step back, cautious of what we're going to do.

Nana-chan suddenly breaks to laughter. “Oh, my, Galian!! You…You pink leader!!! Ahahahahahah!!! No wonder no one misses you when you left Luberia!!!”

Everyone break to laughter again. Ga-chan smacks Nana-chan's head, and they do the arm-smack fight again. I creep from behind G, then pull his robe!!! All the guys see him, and roar with laughter again, now even more tragically. He turns around to get his robe back, but then all the people see his writing behind, especially the ‘I'm dead sexy, right???' part, and they go on laughing, some even scream and collapse because of suffocating. I roar with laughter again, clutching my aching stomach. Nana-chan lies on the ground, roaring and kicking like a little toddler. All of us go nuts because of Ga-chan. He snatches his robe back, wears it, and tries dragging me. Only he doesn't succeeded as I kick him and carry on laughing, joining the crowd. Then ‘that' man appears…

Not a man. He's more suitable with the name ‘ghost'. Phantom!!! I gasp, all of them gasp. Ga-chan happily scurry to his side.


“Stop that ‘Ah' speech, jerk.”—me

All of them stare at me like I'm nuts, I can see their brains. They're full of the scene when Phantom cuts my head.

“Well, well, Keira… You've been making a disaster here, too.”


“I suppose it's time to get back, now?”

I hurry to Ga-chan's side, but he pushes me 1 metre far from him. I kick him and he smacks me and we do a silent-fight behind P.


Nana-chan stands up and begins acting like his normal self, not in a toddler's manner now. “What?”

“You know this girl?” Smack! Kick! Slap! Punch! Ouch! Ow!!!

He raises his eyebrow, smiling at us who are kicking and smacking and not even realising his smile, “No.”

“Ah.” He looks at Ga-chan at me. We stop our kick-and-smack fight pronto, whistling innocently.

“Your juniors are really absent-minded, Galian…”


“Tell him, will you? Galian?”

“Nanashi. She's the girl who makes pranks and always act like a drama queen when you're a newbie. Don't you remember???”

Suddenly Nana-chan gasps,”You!!! You who cut my hair!!! Aaaaahhhh!!! I've always wanted to make it grow like Rapunzel but then you cut it, so now it's only this length and it has forgotten the theory to grow!!! Aaaaarrgggghhhh!!!”

I remember it too. That white-haired girl is there. I roar with laughter and roll on the ground. Even Ga-chan snorts.

“Don't you laugh at me, Galian!!! Thanks to you who bring that girl to our group, my hair is cut!!! It's a good thing you're the one she likes better, and…now…your…hair…Ahahahahahahah!!!” Ga-chan frowns at him.

“Hmmm…Pardon me, you two. Seems like a bad memory to you, eh, Nanashi-kun?”

“Ahahahahahahah!!! Ohohohohohohohoh!!!” He's too busy laughing to answer.

The other MAR members doesn't found it funny. Jack and Snow carries on their Kung Fu pose, now even sillier than the first one. Al grips his hand tightly that ir nearly burst up and all his flesh and blood will scatter. And boo hoo, no more Al-chan's right hand. Gin and Doro still cling to each other, holding their breath. Babbo dangling on his pony tail. Alan is posing like a mad cat, still red on the face.

“Shut up, will you?” Ga-chan frowns, but then laughes when he remembers Nanashi's skinhead haircut.

They're laughing at each other, then frowns at each other, then smacks each other. Arm-smack fight the 3rd carries on until Phantom says:

“You two, that's enough. We'd better get going now. And you too, Keira. Come on.”

He uses Andata, leaving all the MAR members. Nana-chan's arms smack thin air, and he topples to the ground. I hear someone asks,”Why don't you sell that mark, Al-chan?” “Actualy…No one believes that it's worth that expensive…” “…(speechless)”

We are back, safely in the castle again. Ga-chan shakes me,”How long does this silly paint stays on my hair and my things?!” “One week, Ga-chan…” “What?!”

And we goes on chasing each other like mad lightnings around the castle. Hah!!! See you around next time, then!


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Samurai Deeper Kyo - Tokito
Houshin Engi - Taikobo
Air Gear - Wanijima Agito/Akito & Sumeragi Kururu
Air Gear - Adachi Emily
Macross Frontier - Ranka Lee & Saotome Alto
Erementar Gerad - Reverie Metherlence (Ren)
Rockman.EXE (Megaman NT Warrior) - Roll.EXE
Spice & Wolf - Holo
Psyren - Amamiya Sakurako
Double Arts - Kiri Luchile
Belmonde Le VisiteuR - Belmonde Shien
Chaos;Head: Sakihata Rimi Chaos;Head: Nishijou Nanami
Higashi no Eden: Morimi Saki & Takizawa Akira
CLANNAD: Sakagami Tomoyo CLANNAD: Furukawa Nagisa & Okazaki Tomoya
Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kitan: Hijikata Toushizo
Hakushaku to Yousei: Lydia Carlton Liar Game: Akiyama Shinichi
Meitantei Conan: Mouri Ran
Meru Puri (Marchen Prince): Hezekiel Lei Ripli Monochrome Factor: Nikaido Akira
Ruroni Kenshin: Makimachi Misao & Shinomori Aoshi
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle/xxxHolic: Ichihara Yuko & Sakura Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 1st Opening:  BLAZE
Shinkyoku Sokai Polyphonica: Corticarte Apa Lagranges

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