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Okay, let's just go whoooozzzz to Lestava Castle using Andata. Oh, how I dreamed of a castle! Full of roses and golden paths and sparkling curtains with the people inside eating grapes and sleeping in a big, soft bed with a canopy above it… I go blank, staring with sparkling eyes to the sky…until someone pokes me in the ribs.

“Ouch!” I shriek, and spring like a cat at the culprit. I bang his head on the ground five times, while screaming “ Eat this, you stupid little rascal!!!” like a maniac. The man on the ground moans five times, and finally I realise that the man is…Ash, from the Chess no Koma! I shriek again, and jump to my feet. He moans, for the sixth time, and stands up. He rubs his poor head and says,”Geez, kid! You don't have to bang my head like that… Oh, dear, I won't be able to fight for 1 week now…”

“It's your fault you poke me like that!!! And a scoundrel like you should be in Lestava Castle, right?! Oh, and don't call me a kid! Or I'll bump your head on the wall until your blood runs out of your veins!!!” I roar while laughing wickedly like Halloween.

“Now, now, kid, easy now or you will awaken Phantom and the other knights… It's 5 o'clock in the morning, you know…” he says softly.

“Don't call me a kid. I'm 16 now. And what's about Phantom and his slaves still in their dream worlds, they only sleep in Lestava Castle!” I say, still in an ultrasonic volume.

“Kid (I'm gonna rip his flesh out of his bones now), I think you are the one who is still in your dream world, this is Lestava Castle,” he says, chuckling softly.

I stare at him, mouth open, eyes widened. What!? I turned my eyes at the gloomy, huge building beside me. Mouth open again. I will start to drool if he hasn't put his hands on my shoulders. “You get it now, kid?” he says, still chuckling.

I shake my head. Shake, shake, shake like a milkshake. The building is still there, so gloomy and gigantic. No roses, no golden paths, no sparkling curtains, and this skull-face man behind me is one of the people inside it!

“You're all right, kid?” he asks worriedly.

I suddenly crashes my elbow deep into his stomach. He groans, while kneeling and clutching his stomach. I roar with Rapunzel's laugh, and run into the castle (luckily there is an opened hole in the wall).

Now I am standing inside a kitchen. I sit on a chair and start to write in my note book. Right, so, at 5 o'clock all the Chess no Koma is still dozing and snoring and drooling on their pillows, except that skull-face man. The door creaks and I jump nearly 3 metres in the air, then run like Tom and Jerry, finding a place to hide. I hide in the cupboard with smelly dishes and glasses with names labeled on it. Urgh, I'm gonna puke now…

The person who opens the door starts to come in, mumbling something like, ‘Food' and ‘Cupboard'. Nooooo!!! He's going to find me now! Then the smell of the dishes make me sick again, and as he opens the cupboard, I go bleurgh, bleurgh, bleurgh… On him!! I say sorry quickly and pushes him into the ground. And finally I realise, it's a girl! Oh, no, I puke on my all-time favourite Chess no Koma, Loco! Aargh!!! I want to hug her and say it's okay if she wants to curse me, even keeping me in the dungeon with the rats and the voodoo dolls and a witch who will boil me in her stove. Ok, I'm starting to think it's a bad idea after all…So I just leave her while she's still lying in the floor muttering about curses, covered by sick all over her small body.

I run into a store room, still panting and wheezing. Geez, I thought, spying the Chess no Koma is the same as jogging in the morning… I saw my watch, it's 5.15 a.m. I record that in my book: 5.15 a.m. Loco-chan, my cute, small, sweet Loco-chan, came into the kitchen to have her little breakfast on her flower-smelled dish ( this is a super duper big lie).

I look at my surroundings. Bah, super boring things. Masks, robes, ARMs… I've taken my own ARMs. Instead of these super weak ARMs, mine are much more stronger! Hohohohohoh!(Dorothy's laugh) Then I come with this brilliant idea. I grab a mask and a robe, then wear it… This is a humiliation for super gorgeous and brilliant and clever and sneaky Miss Keira! Rooaaaarrrr!!! I open the door, then walk outside.

Yeeks. Not a very good idea. First thing I see is Rapunzel. Wow, she can wake up this early? No doubt all the Chess no Koma members are mad, they have to see that hag's face for 24 hours! She looks at me, then stomps towards me.

“Hey, you! You with the pawn mask!” she screams with her high-pitched voice.

Another humiliation for me. Keira, the ARM user, who can use a super duper hyper strong guardian wears a pawn mask!!! But I can't turn back now. Her ugly face is right in front of me. I'm dead.

“What do you think of my face? My gorgeous, beautiful face!!!” she screams, laughing wickedly.

You just said it yourself, imbecile.

“Hey, are you deaf or what?! Answer me!!!” she screames again, now even louder.

“I'm gonna be deaf because of your ugly voice, idiot. And that's such an ugly face you got there.” I said, then storms out of her sight while she screams at the top of her voice.

I'm safe here…Phew! That was close! When I just want to record about Rapunzel-waking-up-at-5.20 a.m., someone roars behind me. Something like 'Ice Spike'. I turn around, and see these spikes, ice spikes, attacking me! I scream, and run like a cheetah. I dodge, jump, run again, and then dodge , jump, ru—you got the idea…Rapunzel just goes heh-heh-heh with her threatening-ear voice. Then I remember my ARMs. I shriek,”Nature ARM! Sun Ray!” A ray comes out of no where and melts the daft hag's spikes.

Now I'm the one who goes hoh-hoh-hoh, while Rapunzel roars angrily. She dashes towards me suddenly, and I go uh-oh. I pull out another ARM, and shout,”Nature ARM! Boulder Wall!” A wall made of rocks exists, and…..Bang!!! Rapunzel bumps into the wall. “That suits you well, hag!!” I say with a hysterical laugh.

“Who are you calling a hag, pawn?”

I jump, and when I come back to earth I land on my poor butt. I stand up, and snarl at the man who calls me. What the?! He's the long-haired man, Galian!( I've read the Chess no Koma's guide book, so I know everyone clearly)

“Hey, are you okay? …You're the one who make this wall?” he asks, and looks at the wall.

“If yes, then what?!” I growl.

He stares at me, then walks towards the wall and looks behind it. I follow him and see what he sees. There lay Rapunzel with blood running from her head. Her mouth is open and I can see her huge tonsil. I snort, then break into laughter. He stares again at me, then back to Rapunzel, then to me, then to—okay, he does that five times. He seems to be in a shock.

“You…actually beat Rapunzel?” he says to me, still in a shock.

“Well? Anyone can beat that hag,” I say proudly, tossing my long, blue hair aside.

“Wait a minute. Put away that mask,” he says in a curious tone.

I groan, but I do what he wants. He raises an eyebrow at me. “You don't look familiar to me.”

“So what? You're just Phantom's power-aholic slave, right? What do you know about new members?” I lie to him, although I do want to be one of the Chess no Koma now.

He sigh. “You're so impolite, pawn. Let me take you to Phantom. It seems you have the power equal to a Bishop.”

I snarl,”Don't call me pawn! And…don't take me to Phantom, okay?” My voice starts to sweeten and I give a couple of puppy's eyes to him.

He seems to be annoyed. I ignore it and say in my angelic voice,”Please?” while pulling his clothes childishly.

He says,”Look, pawn—err, or whatever your name is, I must take you to Phan—“

His sentence stops because I yank his clothes hardly until he bumps into the floor. I scream with demonic laugh and my puppy's eyes turn into devil's eyes. I rush before he stands up. I run into a room and slam the door. I see my watch, 5.45 a.m. Record that in my book – and the Rapunzel stuff. Someone yawns inside. Oh, dear, I'm gonna get into trouble again. I see a table and hide under it. Big mistake. The person turns on the light and sees me. I have put on my mask, so he just kneel in front of me, looking puzzled.

“Who are you?” he asks in a girly way ( you know who it is, right?)

“A statue delivered by someone you don't know,” I say gloomily.

He looks confused. “You're a…talking statue?”

“Idiot!!!” I scream and bump my head on the table. “Ouch!!!” I shriek.

“Whoa, b-be careful, please!” he says, blinking his red eyes. He doesn't notice a real statue is wobbling, and it falls right on the poor lad's head. He shrieks, “Iyaaann!!” while clutching his head.

I come out of the table and mumble, “You're so dumb, Rolan…” and come out of the room. Hahah… Seems like it's a bad day for me. Galian is running by, searching for me. “There you are!” he shouts as he sees me. Oh, no, gotta run away…

I run and run and run. I try some ARMs on that wretched guy behind me, but he survives all of them. Even Boulder Wall doesn't stop him… He just goes zap, zap, zap with his electric ARMs and ta daaaa! A hole in the wall( it's very cruel of him, seeing as I work hard to make a very hard wall), making me run and run again, so it's like I'm on a diet.

I bump into someone. Someone with long, white beard. Weasel!!! I hide behind him, clutching his clothes. He's confused. “Hey, hey, why are you-?” He soon find out, though… Galian is storming like a mad lightning behind me. He nearly bumps into the old man.

“You're actually chasing a pawn, Galian? Geez, what a shame!” he shakes his head and strokes his long beard.

“You've…got…to hear me first!” he says, still panting.

“Weasel-sama! Oh, Weasel-sama! Help me from that man, will you? I just woke up and then he's waiting outside my room and he chases me and..and…” I say in my angelic voice again. Eyes ready to burst out some oh-please-help-me-from-that-maniac tears.

Galian looks really annoyed now, he hisses,”Now, pawn! You've done it! You think Weasel will surrender to you? Now follow me to see Phantom!”

Weasel looks at both of us, then turns to Galian,”Shoo, Galian, leave the pawn alone.”

Galian looks really surprised,”What?! You-You're kidding, Weasel! Look at my forehead! She made this!” Wow, it's bleeding.

“Gosh, Galian, you're a knight, and she's a pawn, where's all your power you've always wanted?”

Galian is struck dumb. He stops argueing and wanders alone, mumbling to himself.

I say thank you, thank you, thank you to Weasel. Poor old man, so easy to trick. Poor Galian, his headband is now dirty because of blood. Poor Rapunzel, now she's stuck behind that wall with her tonsil showing up. Poor Rolan, his head must be really sore. Poor Loco-chan, she's smelly now. Poor Ash, he must has a lot of bruises. Hoh hoh hoh! Six Chess no Koma down! But now I'm starting to wander to become a real Chess no Koma… No one seems to appreciate my powers back in MAR Heaven…

Someone suddenly pats my back. “Hey, cutie. Are you new?” I moan. Another one to smack down! From the ‘cutie' word, I know it is Ian. I stare at him. “Ian, right? Don't call me cutie. Galian calls me pawn, and now you're calling me cutie.” I say sulkily from behind my mask.

“Okay, okay, I won't call you cutie. Well, you're the one who made Galian like that? He mumbles to himself and wanders in the corridor like a sick man. Never seen him like that…”

“It's not your business!” I say with a threatening tone although I want to laugh. Poor, poor Galian!

“Whoa there. You're such a brave pawn! Very different from the others!”

I'm starting to feel kinda tired talking to him. So I shout,”Hey, it's Phantom and Gido!”

Ian turns around, as quick as lightning. I kick him and he fall on his face to the ground. Again I play a record of my devilish laugh , and I dash to another room.

No one there. Phew…I sit on the cold floor and look at my watch. 6.40 a.m. Wow! How time flies! I record everything. Galian chasing me, poor old Weasel, the Gido-aholic rook ( Ian, I mean). Buh, it's still morning but all the Chess no Koma are making a World War 3. I stare at my surroundings. It's dark, but I can see some balls, a scooter, and other things that's used in a circus.

Uh oh. Magical Row's room! I tiptoe lightly to his bed. Yeah! It's empty! That means I'm safe here! But then my rejoice become a pitiful roaring( I don't really roar, okay? It's only in my heart.) A—two people come into the room, and turn on the light…

I stand there, right beside the bed, arms stuck in the air striking a pose like a statue. The two figures –which are Magical Row and Kouga, also stand there like a statue, mouths open at the same time. I quickly put my arms back in place, and say,”Hello, nice to meet you! Look, I'm new and wow…this castle is huge, huh? So I better go now, see you and bye bye.”

I rush through them before they can act further. Phew…it's good that they're too shocked to catch me! I continue my quest, humming quietly. And I bump into someone…again! Gotta get some ideas to run away now…

Candice is my opponent now. She stares at me, looking a little bit angry because I don't say sorry.

“You're not very polite, aren't you pawn? Do you know who I am? I'm Candice, of the Zodiac Knights!!!And you don't even say sorry after bumping into me like that?!”

She's frowning at me. I say with a challenging pose,”Oh, my, I'm soooooo sorry that I bump into your ‘wow' body, Candice-san! Well, I do know you! But not that you are a part of the Zodiacs. What I know is…you're a Phantom-aholic who's always twinkling and giggling like crazy in front of him!” I laugh loudly while Candice is boiling with anger.

She suddenly pulls out her gigantic Boulder Axe, and screams,”Die, you pawn!”

“Eeeek!!!” I shriek, still choking because of my hysterical laughter. Again I run with a mad man chasing me behind. Only now it's a woman with a gigantic axe who will chop me into a banana split in one second. Then, I pass that power-aholic guy! He's still as gloomy as ever. I pull his clothes, then hide behind him. Aaaaand…! Kabooom!!! The axe crashes to him!!! Luckily he pulls out his hiraiken and repel Candice's huge axe.

I say ,”Thanks, Galian! Wow, you're powerful!”and run away from the confused knights.

Again, I suceeded. And again, Galian is involved. That poor knight! Thinking about it just makes me roar with laughter! The Chess no Koma aren't so bad after all…And…why do I feel something familiar with that red-guy?( Galian, I mean)

Urgh, now I'm really sleepy…I open a door, and there's a bedroom, with no one inside! “Oh, yeah!” I scream with rejoice. I leap at the bed, and the next five seconds, I am already off to my dream worlds… All this running and jumping and screaming and shrieking and shouting and….whatever…really drain my energy…


“…That bitch…!”

“Sssshhh! You're gonna wake her up!”

“Don't care! She kicked my butt really hard! And my forehead is now sore!”

“…Oh, just forgive her, will you?!”

“Rrrggg…Okay, Gido…”

What the…?! I shot out of the bed, blinking my eyes. I see Ian ( What's he doing here?! Seeing an innocent girl sleeping is so rude!) and Gido. Ian is frowning at me, rubbing his back, but Gido is smiling.

“Are you tired?” Gido asks me.

“Well, um, yeah, a little bit…” I say, still in a sleepy way.

“Very tired, you little rascal! I heard that you've been a hurricane all over the castle! Oh, gosh, and my butt is one of your victims!” Ian says, still rubbing his back.

“Oh, yeah, hahahah… Wait! Do you tell Phantom that I'm here?” I ask worriedly.

“Nope! If not for Gido, I would have kick your butt and drag you to Phantom! Luckily you slept in Gido's room!” he says grimly.

I turn to Gido, giving her my incredible puppy's eyes,”Oh Gido, thank you so much! You're my savior! My angel! And etc! Wait, what time is it?”

Gido chuckles softly,”Easy now, it's 12 o'clock in the afternoon. Wanna have lunch with us?”

WHAT?! ”Gido! What does the Chess no Koma do from 6.30 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.?” I shout hysterically.

“Nothing particular, I think. We only gather together for lunch and dinner…” she says.

“…And if Phantom wants to give a speech….” Ian continues, grinning.

That is a relief! Now I'm following the couple to the dining room. Oh, geez…Now Galian and Candice and Rapunzel are gonna get me! But Gido kindly gives me a new mask, and ties my hair into one plait. Now no one's gonna realise me! Hahah!

I enter the dining room. Wow, 3 times bigger than the kitchen! I sit on a chair beside Gido in the Pawn's table. Ian looks at me jealously as he sits on his chair in the Rook's table. Hey…Wait! It's not fair! The Rook's table is much more bigger than the Pawn's table! Aargh! And the Knights' table is much, much bigger even though there's only 13 people sitting in it!

Whoops…It's not a good idea I look at the Knights with flaming eyes. Galian is there, full of scratches and blood ( only one drip every scratch, he must have bump into the floor again, because when I said thanks, I yank him and Candice also fell into the floor, both of them panting and cursing me *Copyright Gido*). He stares at me, analysing every detail of me, from the top to the bottom. Candice is too busy staring at Phantom, her eyes twinkling, her brain full of her imaginary world with Phantom ( maybe like a flower field?). Ash and Rolan doesn't seem to be very happy. And Rapunzel is pounding the table with her super hands until it shakes. She screams,”I'm gonna kill that pawn! Kill! Kill! Kill! Until she's nothing but a banana mush!”

Yikes… Rapunzel is a hag!

Hearing Rapunzel's scream, Candice stands up, looking very angry now. She glares at her. “Oh, no, you don't! I'll be the one who kill that pawn! I'll chop her into two and then feed her to the birds!” she shouts.

Urgh, what am I? A toy to be killed several times in an inhuman way? No way!

Galian is the one who still remains calm. He's still staring at me. I want to slap that cheek of his and tell him to get away.

But then he stands up. He looks at Phantom, who's trying to calm the kill-aholic women.
“Phantom, I think I should tell you this…”

“Hmmm, what's up, Galian?” he smiles.

“Can we just go to another room? This is private,” he says in a serious tone.
They go to another room. Noooo!! He's going to tell about me! Now I'm going to be chopped with ice and a gigantic axe into bird's feed! And maybe Galian will zap me first to make me a roasted corpse for their bird friends. But… why does he have to speak in private? He can just shout,”There you are!” and goes zap, zap, zap, while Candice and Rapunzel chop me! I can be a delicious meal for lunch today (Are the Chess no Koma canibals?XD). Or…maybe he and Phantom are making plans how to kill me in a really tragic, inhuman way? Something that will make everyone shudder, even Rapunzel.

Gido looks worried too. She knows that there's no way out. Ian just sits there, grinning like crazy, he's like saying,”Hahah! Eat that, bitch! That's for kicking my butt!”, but instead of saying that, he uses his Python Whip, and scratch me in the neck. Good thing my veins don't burst! I shriek, though, and that action makes the two un-woman women ( you know what I mean, right?), who are being calmed by Peta, leap up again and storm at me like a rocket (Peta is knocked down by them. Poor Peta!). They already know my voice—my shrieking, sorry.

I leap up too, to the table, trampling all the food, and shout,“Weapon ARM! Lightning Skates!” A pair of roller skates exist in my feet, and I skate like a lightning all over the wall, the palate, and stop there in an upside down pose. I pull a face at them. Gido glares at Ian, but then stares at me with admire. Even Ian's mouth is open. Everyone's mouth is open, except Peta, who's still lying on the floor, moaning and swearing something like he won't go near women again, for his entire life ( Poor Peta).

Rapunzel stomps her feet and screams with anger. Candice seems to have an idea. She shouts,”Boulder Fang!” and….big, big trouble for me. Fang-like boulders come out of no where. I dodge them, jumping like a frog. Yeah, miss them all! Now everyone's mouth are open, but even wider ( including Peta, now that he already stands up).

Candice growls, and Rapunzel laughes at her. Now is Rapunzel's turn. She shouts—screams,”Hair Master!” Her drill hair turns into long, frozen plaits, and… attack me… I don't care, I smile. “Nature ARM! Sun Ray!” A ray shines and melts her frozen hair. It becomes normal again. She groans furiously.

Candice and Rapunzel are really angry now. Candice uses her Grand Boulder, aiming at me, and Rapunzel makes ice spikes on the palate where I stand. Urgh, now I'm really in trouble. Why Phantom doesn't come out and smiles at Candice, making her eyes twinkling again, giggling and blah…blah…blah.., then glares at Rapunzel and says,”If you hurt that pawn, Rapunzel, your kawaii utouto will no longer breath.” Is he and Galian deaf? They don't hear all the noise, even Rapunzel's screaming.

I dodge the ice spikes, still wearing my skates. Candice is making an extra huge boulder, ready to fire it at me. I can see Gido and Ian's face become white with worry. I pull out an ARM and say,”Guardian ARM! Xeteorite!” A meteor—a giant meteor exists, and I say,”Fire!”

Two balls of boulder storm out of the craters. One of them smashes Candice's boulder, and one again crashes to Rapunzel's ice spikes. Right at that moment, Phantom and Galian come in. Very unlucky for them, as pieces of boulder and ice start to crash here and there—and people… Peta uses his force field to tackle all of it. But…a boulder crashes to him( from the side where Peta doesn't have any eyeXD) and he's knocked down—again.
He mutters,”I hate women…”(Poor, poor Peta!)

I just stand there upside down, looking very, very happy. What a view! Galian's mouth is open, and ice starts to fill his mouth. He spits them out quickly when he sees that I'm laughing at him. I think he's muttering something, but I can't get them right as there's a boulder-and-ice-great-disaster. Phantom looks fazed too, even though he's the leader.

5 minutes later…

The storm stops, and all the Chess no Koma are getting rid of boulder and ice that are sticking to their clothes. They look at me and Candice and Rapunzel. Candice and Rapunzel are looking at me. I look at Ian. Ian shrugs, and tries to get out of my sight, but Gido smacks his head and drags him back to his place.

“So…” Phantom starts,”Who's starting all of this?”

All of the pawns, the rooks, the bishops, the knights, look at me and Candice and Rapunzel. C&R look at me. I look at Ian. “He does,” I say, pointing at Ian, still in an upside down position. Gido nods vigorously, glaring at Ian, but I can see that she's worried.

Phantom raises an eyebrow. It's clear that he doesn't believe me.

“Well, whatever starts you, pawn, I think you've been making fun some of our members,” he smirks.

Galian looks at him worriedly. That bitch! He must have told on me. Now I'm going to be chopped and boiled in a stove for lunch! And then my bones will be the dogs' food and my blood will be drunk by Peta and—

“Whoever it is, let's keep this problem for tonight's meeting, okay?” he says, still smirking.

Hooray!!! Oh, Phantom, you are an angel! Who says you are a devil are 200% wrong! Oh, how can I gratify you? By giving extra blood for Peta's meal? By lying in front of your bedroom as a welcome rug? By cutting your toe nails?

Now that I mention Peta, he's still lying on the floor, moaning non-stop. Phantom lends a hand at him, smiling. I must admit, those guys are a little bit homosexual.

The Queen, Diana, stares at me in an awful way. I think she's trying to get me down and kill me in one instant, seeing as her gown was specked with dirt now.

The crowd are getting out of the room now, moaning because there's no food left, as all of them has been trampled by me and the duo monsters. I skate to Gido and Ian, then call the thing in my feet to get back to ARM form.( I mean the skates)

“You're worrying me to death!” Gido says, hugging me.

“Yeah, nice move, kid, pointing at me as the culprit, eh? Brilliant thing you do!” Ian says, grinning in a silly way.

“You're the one who scratches me with that damn Python Whip of yours, stupid! Making me shriek and walah! (it's the same meaning as tadaaa!) The monsters leap up and trample all the food, charging at me like 2 buffalos seeing a red colour. I'm the red colour,” I say, glaring at him.

“Okay, okay, cutie. I'm sorry. Don't know you will shriek like that,” he says, in an apologitical way. Gido says sorry to me too, although she's not the one who scratch me.

“Yeah, yeah, I forgive you, but don't call me cutie. Or I'll skate on you until you're as thin as a board! Gido, don't apology to me, you're not the culprit.”

Galian stares at me again, in a long-time-no-see way. I hiss at him,”What do you want from me? Stop staring or I'll cut your long hair into none at all!”

He shrugs, then leave me with I&G alone. All of the pawns and the rooks and the bishops stare at me with admire. A knight (except for Rolan) surrenders to a pawn! Is this world already upside down? That's probably what they think.

Not the knights. Galian joins them and Candice starts stomping him on the ground ( like what she did to Ash), scolding non-rest-and-non-stop. Ash stares at me, but then shakes his head. Rolan tries to help the poor man on the ground, but he gets kicked instead of succeeding. Weasel strokes his beard and goes on saying,”Oh, my” and ,”Tsk, tsk” like a tape recorder. Halloween laughes wickedly at me, and asks Peta something, but P is in a trauma for women that H actually stops laughing and sighes at him. Rapunzel screams loudly, about ‘I'm gonna kill that pawn' or ‘ I'll chop her someday, her ugly face covered with blood and blood!!!' while her ‘kawaii utouto' tries to calm her. Kouga, Pinnochio and Magical Row stare at me, confused.(Ok, only MR looks confused, K&P just stare at me). Chimera remains calm. You don't have to ask about Phantom. He's smirking, as always. The Queen is beside him, looking at the bizarre knights.

I come back to Gido's room. 1.30 p.m. Record that in my book. Gido looks at my book, then smiles. “You're actually a reporter, aren't you?”

I shriek quietly. “How do you know?”

“From the emblem in front of your book”

“Oh, yeah…” I say gloomily.

“Still want to be a reporter?”

“Not…really… I'm interested in the Chess no Koma now.”

Gido just smiles at me, but Ian grabs my book and read my name.
“K-E-I-R-A? What a weird name!” he says, laughing non-stop.

I grab my book back and smack his head with it. He goes “Ouch, ouch, ouch!” and rolls on the floor clutching his brain-protector (head^^), which makes me and G laugh a lot.

“Not funny! My head is smacked by two women today! Don't you know heads are fragile? Especially men's!” he says sulkily.

“Okay, okay, Mr Smarty Pants! Now, is there really a meeting tonight?” I ask.

G&I — I&G, whatever…stare at each other, then Gido says,”It looks like tonight's meeting is Phantom and Galian's plan. It seems like the lightning guy knows you, err—Keira…”

Suddenly I'm struck by the name Keira. Someone calls me like that, but I can't remember. You know me, one second afterwards I forget all my troubles and my experiences. Aw, shit! Who is it?

“Hey, tomboy-girl! Are you okay?” Ian says, flinging his hands in front of me.

I snap out, and then slap his hands. “Don't be rude…” Ian says in a you've-slap-an-innocent-child's-hand way. I ignore him, then say to Gido,”Hey, when is the meeting?”

“I think it's after dinner..it always is…” she answers, ignoring Ian's hands too.

“Well, be careful, Keira, the monsters are still lurking outside searching for you!” Ian grins.

“And why don't you just bog off to your bedroom? I want to do some repairing to my hair and clothes!” I snarl at him.

He grins, but then return to his own bedroom. I untie the plait and let my hair free. Gido looks at me closely. She says, “Better change the mask, too, Keira-san. Honestly,
that's Ian's mask…”

I shriek again. Aargh! I wear that cutie-aholic rook's mask! Another humiliation! Gido gives me a pawn mask. I narrow my eyes,”Do you have any other mask?”
“I'm afraid not, Keira-san. You'll be given other masks when you're rook,” she smiles.

I groan, but wear the mask. Now what am I going to do? Still 5 hours to dinner and I can't go outside because the duo monsters are still searching for me*Copyright Ian*!

I open the door, then look to my right and left. Nobody there. “I want to take a walk, Gido-san!” then dashes to the kitchen.

I crawl through the hole and go outside, to the garden. Peta is there—and Halloween. Peta is complaining about women, while Halloween just sighes and say,”You're so pathetic, Peta…”( I don't mean to hurt Peta's fans' feelings. Don't worry, at the end he'll become normal again) I barge in, whistling loudly. Peta stops complaining. Halloween stops sighing at P. I grin at them. “Beatiful day, isn't it?”

P takes a step back. Back, back, back, then he dashes to the other side of Lestava castle. Halloween sighes again, then stares at me. He says,“Pawn, you really are asking for death. Only I won't do that as you… Ah, never mind….”

I want to bash that tomato (pumpkin?!XD). What's all of this? There really is something fishy here!

I say, with a challenging grin,”I what? Make Peta a phobia of women? Destroy all the food? Aw, puh-lease! C&R do that too! Especially the Peta part.” I burst out laughing.

Halloween looks fazed,”Not that thing, pawn… Although, yes… now Peta is really afraid of women…” He sighes again.

“Pathetic,” I say, raising an eyebrow.

“Well, yes… Maybe we should take him to a psychiatrist…” Halloween says.

“All of the Knights have to, especially you, tomato head! Geez, wearing a tomato for a mask, what are you thinking?!” then dashes off to P's place.

“Hey, Peta!” I say, in a womanic way.
Peta shivers and says,”Don't you dare go near me, incelent monster!”

“Oh, so kind of you to call me that, women-phobia!” then laugh wickedly.

Peta tries to run, but I step on his dress, and… he falls to the ground! His hat falls off his head, too. I grab it quickly as Halloween is storming—hopping to me. Peta mumbles to him,”She steals my hat…”, still lying on the ground, maybe he doesn't want his face without the hat seen by Halloween.(he's lying on his face)

Halloween hops on him, too tired to answer him back—or avoid him, and continues chasing me. Only his speed is as slow as a snail. And I'm as fast as a cheetah.

He chases me around the garden. Round, round, and round the garden. After 3 laps, (Halloween can only get 1 lap as he's hopping like a frog, I just dash past him and he shouts angrily at me) I get bored and throw the hat at Peta. P groans, but reaches his beloved hat and wears it. I crawl through the hole and back to the kitchen. I hear Halloween growling and nagging at Peta for releasing me. Those knights are so cute, aren't they?

I don't feel like getting back to Gido's room, so I just take a walk in the castle. Just as I want to turn, I hear Rapunzel's voice—and her utouto's.

“Girom, what do you think of my face? Compared to that pawn's? Hmmm?”

Yikes… She even persuade her own brother to say big lies?

“Perfect, nee-chan! N-never I've seen a face more beautiful t-than yours! O-of course you're much, much prettier than that pawn!” that stupid boy says, dropping a sweat.

“Oh, you're so kind and kawaii, Girom!” she says, smiling like an idiot, hugging his ‘also idiot' brother.( can you understand?)

I sneeze, a really bad thing you do when a drill-head enemy is near you. Rapunzel stomps to my place, screaming angrily. I stick my leg out, and Rapunzel trips. She falls on her face, and blood start to run out of her head and her nose (although I can't see her face, I can figure it out from the 2 rivers of blood) Girom shouts at me, but I just say,”Bye!”and leave the two of them, alone.

I skip my way along the corridor. Someone is standing at the end of it. Galian—again?! Candice is behind him, still scolding non-rest-and-non-stop. He looks tired and just says,”Yeah, yeah, stop nagging at me, okay?” to Candice, but that just makes Gorgon-girl madder than ever, and scolds him even more. Galian freeze as he looks at me. Uh oh.

He dashes at me, leaving Candice who's still going nag-nag-nag. I'm ready to kick him and then run away, but he grips me by the shoulders and uses his damn earthen jar with rotten ropes to tie me. I shriek and scream, but he won't let go of the ropes. Candice looks happy, and pulls out her bitchin' axe, ready to chop me into two. And…wow! Galian stops her with his hiraiken, protecting me. That's very kind of him, although maybe he wants to kill me by himself, not letting Boulder-woman chops me, or the drill-head hag. Candice glares at him, but Galian whispers something to her, and her eyes become sparkling and full of her imaginary world again. She leaves us alone, me still in a tied position. ( Can you guess what Galian has been whispering to her? Heh…)


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