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Episodio 102

Wakuwaku wa tomaranai
(The Excitement Never Stops)

Ginta reaches the Hearth with Gargoyle, but the orb begins to evoke his infinite power, that destroy everything that was near them. Ginta couldn't suffer this situation anymore, and let fight Gargoyle's ray against the one of his enemy, that seems disappeared. But after some seconds, he was back, recompound all his body. Ginta-mama and Koyuki fell down after been overthrown because of one of the explosions that were there, but the girl awakened because someone inside her was calling her name. That was Snow's voice who told her to unite their strenght in order to help Ginta. So, dowelling their hands, the girls created a big font of light. In that moment, Ginta continued to fight, and his enemy was about to gave him the last hit, telling him that he would have the same end of his companions, but a voice reached the boy. It was Koyuki, from the top of a palace; sha wants to give him her reliance, and, concentrate herself, some drops fell down of her face, and one of them became a Magic Stone, that arrived in Ginta's hand. The boy hold it tight, because he knows that it was related to Snow, and screaming her name, he took all the power of his dead companions and don't just it. Even all the other persons that he knew during his journey were with him, and gave all the magic power taht they had in their body. Gargoyle became gold and with his ray, full of power and of the hope of all MÄR Heaven, he menaged to kill the orb. After the battle, he came back overdone in Kaldea, where all was as at first, and the first to welcome him were his friends, that want to hug him and be sure that he was fine. At night, Ginta watches sadly the moon, because he was sorry of the fact that Snow wasn't near him. After a bit, Dorothy arrived and she asked him if he already found a way to come back home. Teh boy knew just Monban Pierrot as way to do it, but he didn't know where to find it, so he couldn't go away up to the day when he had it on his hands. Alviss and Bell were walking under the light of the moon, and the fairy was happy of the fact that the boy was always by her side. But they saw Dorothy very sad, sat on a rock. Alviss accosted to her, telling to accept the reality, because before or then, Ginta will surely go away from there, and she couldn't hold him back in a world that he didn't belong to. The day after, the girl brought Ginta in an ÄRM shop, where him found something that he was looking froa long time: Monban Pierrot. Before of leaving, Jack let grow his Earth Beans, how he always dreamed, let them become a big plant , that he climbed with Ginta and Babbo. The blond-boy was the first to arrive at the top, but he saw that Dorothy arrived before him. The girl took him in an isolated place, where she sat near him. Ginta was happy to have been on MÄR Heaven, becuse it was wonderful as he always imagined. The witch was very sad, even if she wouldn't show it; and told him that she was the first person that he met when he arrived on MÄR Heaven, and she was very happy of that, because she feels something particular for him, and telling him to don't forget those moments, she kissed hm with passion, under Babbo's eyes who tried to dont' show that to Jack. However, it was the moment to leave, and after some words from all, and many good things, Ginta called Monban Pierrot. This one tossed the dice, that indicated two persons, and after the last greetings, Ginta and Danna get into the door which took them in the Earth. Dorothy was the only one who wasn't there to greet Ginta, and whereas the boy was abou to go away, she shouted that she loves him very much, meanwhile she cried desperatily. Ginta arrived in his class as Koyuki was cleaning the blackboard, meanwhile Danna finally came back home and hugs his wife. Koyuki and Ginta were walking along the street. The girl was so happy to see again his childhood friend and to see that he was fine; and in a while, it snowed, even if it was spring. That means that even if Snow and Koyuki were the same person, the first will always be near he beloved Ginta. Happy, Koyuki hold him tight, blushing for the suggest.

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