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Lelouch Lamperouge/Vi Britannia - Physical Shirley Fenette Milly Ashford C.C. Rolo Lamperouge Gilbert G.P. Guilford Nina Einstein Diethard Ried Viletta Nu Nunnally Lamperouge / Vi Britannia Cheese-kun Tianzi Anya Alstreim Monica Kruszewski Cornelia Li Britannia


Gino Weinberg & Kozuki Karen/Kallen Stadtfeld Viletta Nu & Ohgi Kaname Shirley Fenette & Lelouch Lamperouge Cornelia Li Britannia & Gilbert G.P. Guilford C.C. & Kozuki Karen/Kallen Stadtfeld Kururugi Suzaku & Vi Britannia/Lamperouge Nunnally Euphemia Li Britannia & Cornelia Li Britannia


Colors (Season one 1st Opening Song) 02 - Code GEASS R2 Op 1 World End - Code GEASS R2 Op 2 Reincarnation (C.C.'s Character Song) Stories Continued Story - Code GEASS R2 Insert Song


TURN 15 Stage 01 Stage 02 TURN 25: Re;


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