∞ Before Requiem, the fanlisting had the name "The Day the Demon Awakens", that fits still very well with the series, but I wanted to change it because this one is perfect, due to Zero Requiem and the open ending. Even if I'm one of the people who think that Lelouch is still alive and immortal, I couldn't thought to a better title for a fanlisting dedicated to Code GEASS R2. Then, better than a demon, for me, Lelouch is a wonderful angel.

∞ It's because of that that I decided to insert him and C.C. in the layout, those images are perfect. I know that Suzaku should be there too, but--- I didn't want him to be there! XP The chibis in the footer are cute, aren't they? And if you're thinking about Gino and Kallen, yes, I'm a shipper for this couple. XD

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