∞ Just one year has passed from the Black Rebellion that shocked the world. Now Area 11 is a more restricted place where the Elevens are forced to suffer the most atrocious oppressions, suppressed from the laws that were modified and become more cruel.
∞ This period is not unfavorable just for the Japanese, because Britannia is in tension with the EU. In order to rehabilitate it, Schneizel (the second Britannian prince) is trying to treat with them, taking Suzaku with him. Even the Chinese Federation seems to move against the Britannia, sending an embassedor to check the situation.

∞ In the meanwhile, Lelouch's life continues to go on. He returns to be a student of the Ashford Academy and lives unconscious of having an amnesia. It seems that he totally lost the memories about what happened a year ago and of his revenge against the Imperial Family. Together with his brother Rolo, he lives a normal life, surrounded by the school-life, his chess challenges and the amusement with his friends.

∞ At the same time, against him there's Suzaku's revenge, who, consumed from the pain for Euphemia's death, menaged to be one of the Knight of Rounds, becoming the seventh among them.

∞ Although, Zero will continue to live and re-present himself again. A last blood battle is going to start.


Title: Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion R2
Genre: Comedy, drama, mecha, action
Broadcasted for the first time: 06/04/2008
Episodes: 25
Episodes' lenght: 25 minutes
Official site:
Studio: Sunrise, MBS (Mainichi Broadcasting System)
Direction: Goro Taniguchi
Author: Ichiro Okouchi
Character design: Clamp, Takahiro Kimura
Knightmare Frames design: Akira Yasuda, Eiji Nakata, Jun'Ichi Akutsu
Mecha conceptual design: Kenji Teraoka
Music: Kotaro Nakagawa, Hitomi Kuroishi

Opening 01: 02~O-Two~ (Orange Range)
Ending 01: Shiawase Neiro (Orange Range)
Opening 02: WORLD END (FLOW)
Ending 02: Waga Routashi Aku no Hana (ALI PROJECT)

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