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Finally I've created this page.

I have the will to express my feelings for Kakine, and to show here, in a site dedicate to him, what I think about Kamachi-sensei's ideas and story.

As first thing, I have to say that I loved Kakine since the first moment, when I found an image of him.
I started to follow the series because I like Mikoto and Accelerator, but I start to read the light novels to know who this boy were.
So, I started with volume 15, and after it, I read all the next novels and almost all the volumes.
Actually, just 20 days ago, New Testament Volume 6 was released, and finally I had the chance to see Kakine again!
It's about two years that I'm a fan of the series, and a true thing is that here we can find a lof ot wonderful characters. But... Kakine is my favorite. And I'm a person that knows all the others, because I follow even Railgun related staff.

Kakine is... wow!!
But my conception of him is different since the moment I read New Testament Volume 6. Volume 15 of the Old one shows him from a a different point of view, so I'll try to better explain what I would like to tell.

Before the release of this NT Volume 6, I thought he was a boy with a lot of sufference behind himself.
I thought that Kakine's crazy will to fight against Accelerator was because of despair.
Because Kakine knew VERY WELL that Accelerator was much stronger than him, but he needed to meet Aleister, so he had no chance than defeating the N.1 to conquer the right to he heard from Aleister himself.
Kakine wasn't able to do it because he was defeated by Accelerator, but... his incredible will to live did not die.
When I finished to read VOlume 15, I was sad, becaause my favorite character's body was ripped apart. I thought he was dead, but... when Mugino said to Hamazura that Kakine was ALIVE, I feel like I was alive again too!! And... she said that "Kakine's brain" was alive, so I understood that he lost his body. Even his organs were preserved, so I thought that meybe with the evolution of his Dark Matter, Kakine would have the chance to turn back soon!!!

I waited for his return for two years.

I waited for every novel, every New Testament... believing that there would be a chance to find someghint about him!! And yes, in each volume there was something that let me believe in his return.
Then, finally in NT4, Kihara Yuiitsu said that... HE WAS ABLE TO CREATE A BODY FOR HIMSELF!! Yay, that day I cried.

That day was... March 24, 2012, yes.

But... after that moment of happiness, the next volume was released after seven months... Dear God, I was about diyng evrytime I stalked Dengeki Bunko sites. And every month I didn't found "To Aru Majutsu no Index" among the titles.

When finally New Testament Volume 5 was released, I had to wait for the Epilogue to finally reach what I wanted to read: Kakine!!
Kihara Yuiitsu released him... but. BUT. About the narration, I understood that hw was in a sort of pure white cocoon made of Dark Matter, so I thought "What the hell will be the way thet Kakine will be shown??", my question was resolved seeing the cover of New Testament Volume 6, that features him!!

But, again... WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?? White Kakine? Kakine with white hair, white skin...??? Obviously, a Kakine made of his own Dark Matter, eh.
There's no way I can express who loooooooooooooong the days of my waiting for the book were, January 10th seemed to never arrive. Then, finally... when the book was released I had a sort of... hem... heeeeem... "true happiness from the bottom of my heart, my mind... my all".
As first thing, I saw the illustrations, A W E S O M E.

Kakine... Beauuuuutiful, beautiful Kakine that was beside to another Kakine that was going to die.

Ok, I felt desperated. I read the novel, and finally, FINALLY, I can say that it's the most wonderful thing, the most touching one I've ever read in my life.
In a first moment, I hated the chose to use rhinoceros beetles.
I have to say, I'm not afraid from insects, and I'm not the kind of person that considers them like a shitty, horrible thing, but.................. KAKINE................ Handsome Kakine, a handsome boy with a handsome face.......... IN WHICH WAY HE CREATED BEETLES INSTEAD OF... A THING OF ANY KIND???




Reading the novel, I felt in love with that cute, absolutely adorable Rhinoceros Beetle 05.
The way that Kamachi-sensei chose to go on with Kakine's destiny was totally UNEXPECTED for me, and when I understood Kakine's inner conflicts, I really felt like I wanted to embrace that little (....................ok, I know it's not "little"), cute beetle.
It was always Kakine, isn't it? It was a side of him that he tried to reject, but it was that side that I thought I found between his actions in Volume 15.

The moment in which Rhinoceros Beetle 05 understood that it could be nothing but Kakine himself, really made me cry. The moment in which Kakine killed Kakine, really made my cryyyyy...


Sucha a wonderful scene, wonderful moment, wonderful character that I'm loving more and more!!

The phrase "Only the one who was killed can understand the feelings of the one who was killed." really made me think about Kakine's feelings... I LOVE HIM!!
Kakine is awesome, the one that I love the most!! And the end of the volume was so enigmatic... what about the rumors about him? I'm so curious to read the next book, I hope it will be released soon!!!
And I love the way that Kamachi-sensei used to write this volume, it's so full of strong feelings!! Kakine's feelings, Accelerator feelings, everyone's feelings... I loved the moment in which Fraulein embraced Last Order and Fremea, and I was about crying more and more times.
Really... To Aru Majutsu no Index is a masterpiece, and I feel so proud to have the chance to read it!! I love it!! I love Kamachi-sensei, Haimura-san, even Miki-san... I love Dengeki Bunko, Ascii Media Works... thank you!!

Thank you because I'm a person that read a lot, A LOT of books, but this one is my favorite so far. Thank you because To Aru Majutsu no Index is not words written on the paper, it's the reunion of the hearts and of the feelings of who wants to live, of who wants to protect instead of destruct, of who has the power and he/she doesn't know the eay to use it.
I love this books because I can make my most beautiful dreams thanks of it, and I love this series because when I read, I can find there part of myself that sometimes I forgot I have.

Really... thank you so much Kamachi-sensei.

A lot of authors can write a book and a lot of authors can create characters that fight in non-human battles, but only a few of them and especially you have the God's present to give a soul to the characters and to create a world where feelings are much stronger than powers.

Thank you, thank you so much!! I'll continue to follow your masterpieces with all my heart!!



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