I chose this title bacause of Maria's dreams and her real life.
She hasn't a father and Rosa, her mother, is always away from home because she loves staying with different men everynight.
So Maria is totally alone, and her only friend, Sakutaro, is a plushie that Rosa created for her, but Rosa can destruct it, so since Maria is victim of bullish at the school and she hasn's friends, the only thing that can help her is magic.
Using magic Maria can make Sakutaro alive as a child. Maria can stay with her cousins and the persons she loves, Maria can stay with Rosa.

So, Magic is all Maria's word, without it Maria is alone and sad, she can forgive to be born because she thinks to weigh on her mother, that shows her "love" for her in strange modes.

Maria believe in witches and in magic, she desires to live in a world in which she's happy thanks to her magic power. Then, I consider this one the most appropriate title for her. :)





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