Name: Maria
Surname: Ushiromiya
Age: 9
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Mother: Ushiromiya Rosa
Best Friend: Sakutaro
Seiyuu: Yui Horie
She Loves: Mama, candies, magic, witches.
She Hates: Mama, be alone.
Quote: Uuuuuh!!


Maria is the youngest character of the series and because of her appearence she can seem sweet and kind, the canonic child that needs to be loved. But Maria isn't just this, she can be cruel and evil. She lives dreaming a life in which she lives a life full of happiness, loved by all the persons she loves: her best friend, her cousins, and especially, her mother, Rosa.

Maria possesses a great and incredible power that is hide inside of her since the day in which she understand that without magic, her life will never be happy. Maria is a sweet and adorable child and I really love her with all my heart, this is the reason why I decided to dedicate to her this fanlisting!






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