Episode 4



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This is the most important chapter for Maria.
It's playing it that finally we can find the truth about her relation with Beatrice and the fantastic magic power that she owns.
In the present of 1998, where Eva is the only survivor, Maria's spirit is alive because of the pages of her diary, that contain a fragment of her soul and that Ange uses in order to speak with her and to know magic.

Maria was the usual girl we know in the previous Episodes, but here her life with Rosa is better explained.
Rosa always leaves her alone not for hours but nights or days. She was a lier and everytime that Maria are receiving a call from her, she understands that her mother is calling in order to say that she won't turn back home for some reason.
But Maria really loved mama and she always supported her witth all her heart, leaving to her tickets that say:

"Thank you for all, mama! Do your best!!"

Whatever Maria could do, her love for mama was trasparent and strong, and Rosa knew it, because everytime she was anger with her only daughter, after reading Maria's ticket, she cried warm tears, asking to her to forgive that bad mom.
But Maria was totally quiet about the feelings of her mother, and everytime Rosa hurted her, she always forgive her says that the one that hurts Maria isn't mama but the Black Witch that is into of her.

For her birthday, Maria received a gift from mama, and it was a lion plushie, that Rosa made for her. Maria desired it with all the heart for many weeks before her birthday, and when Rosa celebrate that day with her, in a restaurant, Maria finally was able to see it.
In her first idea, she imagined something to call Sakura, because she wanted a friend as the famous Card Captor Sakura, the anime that she loved in that period.
Since her lion was a male, she decided to opt for Sakutaro. Rosa really liked that name and that day was very happy and funny for Maria, surely one of the most important in her life.

But Rosa's intentions were always to live a life with a man, and she continued to leave Maria alone, day by day.
Maria hadn't a good relatin with her schoolmats, because they considered her strange because of her passion for Occultism and Magic.
Maria was totally alone, but the great power into herself made a miracle and Sakutaro, that was a simply lion plushie, gained a soul!
From that day he started to speak with Maria and to be her best friend in all the moments of the days. If Rosa left her alone, Maria wasn't sad because Sakutaro was with her, and if a night she was scared from a tempest, Sakutaro was able to make her happy staying with her and discussing about funny things.
Rosa always asked to herself why Maria was so happy and cheerful, and why she doesn't blame her to be the worst mother in the world. But, if Maria was ok so, for Rosa surely was the same.

A lot of years ago she invited Ange to join the Mariage Sorciere, a sort of path that Maria made with Beatrice, and it's considerated a real alliance, because all the witches that are part of it can be summon the forniture of the others and when one of them is in danger, the others can help her.
In order to do a gift to Maria, Beatrice changed Sakutaro's plushie body in the one of a child, a little bit younger than Maria. In this way they could play together better and Maria can be called as Witch of Origins, the witch that can create anything with 0 and not with 1 like all the other witch. her name as witch was MARIA, and from that moment she can use Sakutaro's plushie in order to summon the child one that Beato created for her!

Maria can be considered Ange's mentor, as Virgilia is the one of Beato.
Obviously, in the realty of 1998 Maria is dead as all the others but Eva, but we can know more and more about her thanks to her memories.
So, Ange can enjoy Maria's happiness and as apprendice and witch that inheriting the name of Beatrice and Endless Witch from Eva, Ange can learn from Maria the right way to summon the usual Beatrice's forniture, Seven Sisters of Purgatory. Maria loves playing with them, Sakutaro and Ange, and their days spent together are very important, especially for Ange, that needed to understant the meaning of the word "friend".

Unluckily, when Ange undertands that magic can't stop her classmates to bull her, in an attack of rage, she declares that magic doesn't exist, and that Sakutaro isn't a real friend of Maria but just a plushie that because of her sadness, she used to don't feel alone.
Rejecting Sakutaro and all the Seven Sisters, Ange remains alone, and Maria starts to hate her before of the infragment of Mariage Sourciere.

Maria's misfortunes don't finish there.
When she turns back home and Rosa finds the truth about her nocturnal visits to the supermarket thanks to a social assistant, she becomes mad and starts to hit Maria more and more. Obviously, the most important thing to her was Sakutaro, and Rosa decides to destruct it as punishment.
Maria can't accept Rosa's evilness and thanks to the help of Beatrice, she kills her mother more than 100 times.
Rosa says that she never loved Maria, that she's only an horrible monster in her life and it could be better if she was never born.
Hearing these words Maria understands that the ones that is skeaking them isn't her mother but the evil Black Witch that is into of her.
This is the only way that Maria has to forgive Rosa, because she knows very well that the real mama is the cute person that loves her "uuuh!" and her.
This fact in riscontrable in the Episode 2, where Rosa asks to Beatrice's fornitures to have pity for Maria but not for her, and this is the profe that "the real, cute mama" loves Maria more than her life.

After have lost Sakutaro, Maria decides to remain together with Beato in a fake world, where they'll play together forever without suffering.
But Ange understood her mistakes and resurrecting Sakutaro (and becoming the Witch of resurrection) she turns it to Maria, that keep her words and leave that fake world.

At the end of the 4th game we find Maria with Battler, Jessica and George. And since Beato and Kinzo decided to decree the head of the Ushiromiya's family with a test, she have to sustain it, even if she's a child.
Her examinator is Kinzo, but differently than the others, we can't know what Maria's test was. We can know just that she died and that Kinzo hated her since always.

Since Jessica and George were the first two to die, Battler and her were the last two left. Because of her absolutely convintion of the fact that a Black Witch is into her mother, Maria tells to him that it's not important if they'll win the test, because Beatrice will take them in the Golden land, where she'll stay forever with her beloved, real, cute mama.



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