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Maria is again one of the pillars of the game.
We can clearly see how Rosa abuses of her even when they're among other people. This time we see them reaching the other siblings by train, and Maria, in a market near the station, sees some sweets with the shape of a pumpkin. Since she's in love with these kind of things, she asks Rosa to buy them, but she rejects her request and take her to the train. Inside of it, Maria continues to complain about it, because she really wanted them very badly (aww, she's a child~), and since she can't stop to say "uuuuu~" and to cry, a kind old woman gives her some sweets. The little child is happy, but Rosa is totally the contrary, so she tells Maria to give back the sweets to the old woman and starts to hit Maria and to pull her hair: then she will start to yell to the granny to stay quiet because Maria doesn't need her sweets and that she should make her own business. Since Rosa realizes that she couldn't stay any longer in that carriage, she decides to go out of there and take the next train, but when they will be out of that, she will understand that she had been a very bad mother, so she will buy some sweets that resembled the other ones they previously saw. This will lead them to arrive a bit late to the appointment with the family, and this will, obviously LOL, will irritate her, but she will try to repress this feeling. When all meet, Maria is always uncertain about Battler, because she doesn't remember him, but he will talk a lot with him about Halloween, so that she could be at ease.
Once they arrived to Rokkenjima, Maria will continue to talk with Battler about Halloween and witches, leaving speachless the boy that was astonished of how much she knew about these obscure things. Eva and Hideyoshi were amused by this discussion, because, anyway, they knew that she was a child, but Rosa continued to be irritated by it, so, when Maria sees the sick rose, and, as usual, will start to cry and say "uuuuu~", Rosa will get mad and hit her as badly as she could. She even took Maria's sweet and will trample upon it, and at the end, she will tell her her to remain in that place forever. This will be what Maria will do, in fact, she will remain there. Kanon, sees the scene by chance, and approaches to her, trying to clean the dust upon the sweet: this was the only thing he could make, because it was totally destroyed. But Maria's reaction was shocking, because she started to laugh in a scary way and she didn't care about it. When it starts to rain strongly, Rosa will remember about it and, will reach her dughter frantically, crying and trying to say she was sorry about what she had done. Maria is always there to forgive her, but this time, something different will happen: a beautiful woman will approach them, going next to Maria. The little child will exclaim at once "Mama, look, she's Beatrice!", jumping around because of her. Rosa couldn't believe her eyes, but she was sure that Maria was telling a lie: the fact that Beato will recover perfectly Maria's sweet, will start to let Rosa feeling doubtful about her identity. Then, Beato will give them two letters, that they will open in the right moments. The letter given to Rosa, will be the one that will be read during the dinner. Together with the other siblings, in fact, when the name of Beatrice will be made, and all will know about the Game, the children will be sent in their rooms, in order to find out what's going on and, above all, to don't let them understand that they're parents were there just to fight for the heir of their father. Maria will be the one to say that she wants to remain there because she hasn't still eat the dessert, but George will, as always, with his kind character, convince her to give up, saying that it could be served in their rooms too.
At this point, all the parents will talk with Beatrice, admitting that she "exists", and in the meanwhile, their children will talk friendly in their room, deciding to stay together and talk as long as they could. Obviously Maria was one of the first to fall asleep, but at the same way, one of the first to wake up, because she heard that something was happening. In fact, when Rosa found out about the deaths of her siblings, she thought that maybe it was time to open the letter that has been given to Maria from Beatrice. That letter contained, as she thought, the key to enter in the chapel, and while she was opening it with the help of Kanon and Genji, Maria was jumping on Battler and George's beds to wake them up. Since they were a lot worried about what was happening, they decided to reach Rosa, seeing that there was probably a problem. Maria immediately recognized the magic circle that was drawn into the door of the chapel, and, as usual, she explained the sense of it to all. All were upset, but she was smiling in her creepy way, and this costed her a punch in the head from Battler, who was teared to pieces in seeing his parents died like that.
Death after death, Maria will continue to say that the culprit is Beatrice, but, as usual, no one will agree with her words. When, towards the end, she will be in the same room with Rosa and Battler, she will talk to him about the fact that, for her, they were as "sheeps and wolves"; Battler couldn''t understand the meaning of this phrase, so Maria extracted from her bag, her Book of Riddles, where she took any kind of note about magic - it is plenty of riddles, and it is said that the one at page 64 is the most difficult to solve! So, she let him understand what it meant: if they would remain in the same room with the people who could be the potential culprits, they would become the sheeps, and will be overwhelmed by the wolves, that in this case were the furnitures (that Rosa was kindly mocking as she could). At a certain moment, Battler will be doubtful about the existance of the witch, and will say with tears in his eyes, that he even could believe in Beatrice, but he wanted to know the truth. Maria, seeing her cousin almost resigned, gave him a kiss on his cheek, trying to comfort him. After realizing that anyone could be the wolf inside of that house, even Battler will be accused, and obviously, without thinking that Maria's words were right, Rosa will take her with her, trying to protect her child with the rifle she took from her father. Maria was happy to see that her mother was trying to take care of her, even if she was really scared of what was happening, but, at the same time, since Rosa told her to escape going to the sea and then swimming where and how much she could, she didn't wanted to leave her side, because she wanted to stay with her mother until the end. Rosa, after yelling at her many times, seeing that the goats were near to them, will recognize the fact that she had always attacked Maria in a very bad way, that maybe the all the things she told her were all excuses, all the causes she cursed Maria with, were all things born from her mind because of her life: she loved Maria, and she absolutely wanted to protect her child even with her body, until the very end.
At the end of the Game, Maria will be taken to the Golden Land, but the access will be denied to Rosa, who hadn't admitted that Beatrice existed. So, she will invite her to a banquet, made with different dishes (that came from Rosa's siblings' bodies zomg), and the last course was a dessert: Maria. They will talk each other for a bit, because Maria apologized with her for being born and for being a child that she couldn't love. Rosa couldn't believe her eyes, but she said that she loved her very much, even if at the end she enraged again. Their talk will be then interrupted by Battler, who knocked Beato's face into the table.
As we can see, Maria is a really easy-going girl, but, inside of her, there are a lot of dark, sad sides, that maybe can let us understand why she did approached so much to the Black Magic. Rosa was not always at home, so maybe it was a very good way to try to convince her mother to remain with her: going to the Golden Land with her thanks to Beatrice, the person who she esteem the most. Beatrice herself told Battler that Maria has a very strong wavelenght for magic, and that she's very skilled with it (not like Kinzo).



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