To realize this site I used a lot of images of the official first 6 Umineko Motion Graphic from the game, isn't she cute?

The image in which I wrote "uuh!!" is my favourite, she's smiling with her beloved Sakutaro! And the other two of the header are the one of Maria in witch version and the one of Maria's real version.

Maria in the footer is from a Motion Graphic too, the first one. She's too cute with that letter, that in that position can seem her so innocent!

The last one: Maria of the statistics. Mad Maria, that one can't be missed in her fanlisting! XD

Obviously, I inserted Sakutaro because she wants to stay together with him forever and I can't block her desire! Also, I used Sakutaro signing the members in the proper section! XD

the wing of the Ushiromiya family is the symbol of the home of Maria. Even if her mother is a shit and she hasn't friends, she remains Ushiromiya Maria, and as uncle Natsuhi teaches to us: the pride of the family is something important, because family is the place of the born of our soul.





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