Fukuda's style is the one of a normal young man with the latest trends.
He gets up in snug jersey and jeans, of different colours. Sometimes he puts on t-shirts and black jackets.
He's definitely elegant and cool. It seems that he wants to appear hard-case to the others, he hates to be considerated "a good guy" and he does all he can to cure his appearence.
Fukuda always put a cap in his head, and according with his aggressive personality, his style is aggressive too, maintaining fashion and dash.
His hair are dyed of silver. They are long up till the shoulders, and usually he leaves them loose.
He put on a pendants. And rings, bracialetsa and even a wristwatch in both of the hands (I really don't know how he can draw with two BIG rings in his fingers LOL).
He gnaws his pen when he's nervous XD and he "tries" to be quiet (always to appear cool), but in every sistuation he looses the peace and all his friends, that know him just like a longshoreman! XD
Usually he puts his personal cell-phone in a hip pocket of the jeans.
He has a moto and he uses the crash helmet driving it (and isn't he a good guy? XD). His moto is quite big and surely it makes him cooler! XP

It's clear that Fukuda loves shounen manga and he identifies himself with the heroes, , because he puts in his neck a pendant with a Rave of Haru Glory from Groove Adventure Rave (It's perfectly visible in the chapter 28th).

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