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You reached Through your Eyes, the fanlisting dedicated to the relationship between Misa Amane and Light Yagami from the manga and anime Death Note.

I really love this pairing since I read Death Note for the first time. I think I really can understand Misa's feelings and devotion to Light. At least, they share a sad destiny, but they will remain together in some ways! :) I want to thank the sweety Misha who granted one my wish to built something for this couple I love so much!

So, if you like this pairing, feel free to take a look around and join their fanlisting! ^-^ And, since the list of the members is lost, please, join again if you want! :)



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April, 15 2008 : The fanlisting reached 100 members, thank you all!! :D


April, 15 2008 : The fanlisting reached 100 members, thank you all!! :D
November, 11 2008:
I wrote the section of their relationship! *-*
October, 31 2008:
Added the profile of the characters!<3
October, 30 2008:
Added the affiliates page! :)
October, 29 2008:
Finally ready!! *-* The part of the fanlisting is up! :D

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