Name: Shinta
Surname: Fukuda
Age: 20-21 (maybe)
Birth-place: Hiroshima
Hair: silver
Eyes: silver
Family: he runned away from them
Educational Qualification: graduated
Profession: mangaka
Editor: Yuujiro
Second Work: first Eiji's assistant, shop clerk in a mini market
Proper Manga: Kiyoshi Knight
Strong Points: nice story, nice names and impressive chara design.
Weak Points: rough draws
First Apparition: volume 3, chapter 2, page 5
He likes: manga, himself, justice, motivated and hard-working persons, coffee, eating japanese food, moto.
He hates: injustice, to fail, to lose, weak persons.
Favourite Manga: To LOVE-Ru, I"S, Ichigo 100%. (ecchi, ecchi! >.>)


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