Fukuda appears for the first time in the 22th chapter, when Saiko becomes an assistant of Niizuma Eiji, a young mangaka.
Fukuda is one of his assistants, and he works with Eiji in order to improve his tecnique.
Fukuda's style isn't bad, but he creates great story with poor draws, so he tries to learn something from a genie like Crow's author.
Fukuda got a special mention in Tezuka Award, and he has been ranked 5th in the same Akamaru Jump in which Saiko and Shujin introduced Money and Intelligence.

Fukuda's dream is obviously a serialization in Weekly Shounen Jump, the most famous magazine for kids, and in order to reach his goal, he doesn't care about sacrifices.
Initially Saiko thinks that he's a totally idiot, just an arrogant boy that says stupid things in order to be respected, and this affermation is enforced by Nakai's words, because Fukuda usually says ALL is in his thoughts, he really doesn't care to hurt someone, and Nakai is an example.
By the way, after a first moment in which he's presented as a cinical and arrogant character, Fukuda reveals his real personality day by day.

He's very self-confident and he considers enemies all the mangaka that get a good result in Jump, but they're his friends too. And even if many times his personality could seems schizofrenic XD, he has a golden heart and he's ready to help his friends in every moment, even sacrifing himself.
Since the first moment he realized that Crow had some bad points, and even if he considered Eiji as enemy, he puts apart his pride and helps him to get better Crow. Eiji admires him very much, so since that moment he calls Fukuda "Fukuda-sensei". And abviously, Fukuda was happy, even if he tried to seem bored! XD

Also, Fukuda is a direct person and he treats with Yuujiro, his editor, like with a dog. XD Yuujiro doeas all Fukuda wants and even if he doesn't agree, Fukuda never leaves his opinion and continue to goes on for his way. This is the case of the musician-mangaka that presented his manga with his album. Since the first time Fukuda creats a rebellion against him and menaces all Jump together with Saiko, Eiji and the others, that always follow Fukuda's voice.
It's because even if he's aggressive and eccentric, he always says the truth and since he's very smart he tries to rebel against all the things he doesn't approve. He's able to go against his editor, a mangaka, a friend, an enemy, all Jump and the boss of the magazine. His reasons are always right and he fights with all himself in order to improve not only Jump but the world of the mangaka.

Fukuda thinks that the one of Jump is a close-mentality, and he wants to revolutionate all that world with his ideas and especially with his manga.
Kiyoshi Knight is based on the realty, Fukuda wants to be his readers next the protagonist, and his conception is correct, because Kiyoshi Knight obtains the agreement of them.
But his manga isn't pubblished since the first time. He's constrincted to presents it for the second time and in a One-Shot in Akamaru Jump before to get a serialization.
When Yuujiro told him that his manga didn't get a place in Jump, Fukuda yelled against him, because that was the third time in which his manga was escluded, so in his opinion the guilty was Yuujiro. XD

The Golden Future Cup sees Fukuda as winner, together with Saiko and Shujin, but even this time, he doesn't get a serialization.
But Fukuda never gets up and continuing to assist Eiji as assistant, and after the presentation of his manga as One-Shot for the second time, finally he reachs his goal, making Kiyoshi Knight part of Jump.
Yujiro remains his editor, even if he was bored to assist two mangaka, because this is a stress to him (and he's always owned by Fukuda). The important thing is that Fukuda now has his series, and he works with all the heart in order to become the n.1 of Jump.

While the serialization, Saiko becomes sick and the boss editor decided to drop his manga, Detective Trap, until his gradutation. The reason is that the unlce of Saiko, Tawagushi Tarou, died in order to make his manga even in the worst conditions, and the boss was afrais that Saiko would do the same thing.
But Fukuda thinks that this is a grave injustice and he organizes a boicottage against Jump and the editors.
Eiji, Nakai, Hiramaru and Aoki share his toughts and the join the boicottage. Yuujiro knows that all his an idea of Fukuda, and he knows that stopping him, all the others would stop themself. But Fukuda is stopped in this rightness and he doesn't intend to giving out the boicottage until the boss would reinserted Detective Trap in Jump waiting not Saiko's graduation but Saiko's healing and exit from the hospital.

That part is very cute, because even if Fukuda makes another job in a mini-market in order to finance himself and his dream, he finds the time to assist his friend and he fights for him risking his life, because Kiyoshi Knight doesn't appear in that issue of Jump.
But his joint effort is recompensed and Saiko rejoins Jump, so him and the others too.

Fukuda's personality is complicated and he can't be tagged as a simple "strong and ironic person" or "determinated mangaka", because he's strong point is charisma and this is the title of this fanlisting.
He always denigrates Nakai but in a difficult moment for him, Fukuda never leaves his side, envolving as a very friend, even the night and even with snow chains and chill.

In order to follow his dream, Fukuda runned away from home, that is situated in Hiroshima, and now he continues to live alone, working all the day to pay the fixed charges and his assistant. He isn't greed, he pay a lot of money for any good idea from his assistant and the friend of his assistant. And this beacuse he really hates every for of injustice... jenerous Fukuda-sensei, is a good guy! XD
Many times Fukuda uses character invented in his childhood as new characters in his manga, he always consider the bases of his dream a good starting point for a future that follows that way.
These are words that he hates, because he doesn't want to be tagged as a good guy, he wants respect and maybe, he hopes to frighten into the others, owned all with his leadership.
In fact, he describes the team of Eiji's assistants as "Eiji's team", but in a second moment he changes the name in "Fukuda's team", because he's always been the leader of the movement! XD

When he's nervous he's very cute, because he gnaws his pen for all the times he can't scream! XD Also, he's usual to say with aggressiveness, insults, bad languages, cussess passion all his thoughts, owning the others.
He's a natural person. He smiles when he's happy, screams when he's angry and out-of-control and never stops to have a polite behaviour with the others and the new persons he meets.

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