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Like I said in the home page, Kaiba is my favorite character from every series. So, because of it, I know him very well, in all aspects of his personality and life. Kaiba's biggest ambition is to become the duelist n.1 but Yugi is always luckier than him in duel (yes, Yugi believes in "the heart of the cards" but I think that he has a good fix of "FUCKIN' LUCK of the cards". When he draws a card, that is the great card that makes him the winner of the duel, so I hate this Atem's luck! -_- I think that Seto is the best duelist, and be the best doesn't mean "BE THE ABSOLUTE WINNER", but the king of the strategy and of the performance. Seto isn't second to nobody, he's the most devoted, obsessed, brilliant and genial duelist in the world! So, I think that for all aspects of his Duel Monsters Love and excellence, he can be considered neither the prince nor the king, but THE GOD OF DUELS.

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