Hello! Welcome to "From the Deepest Ice", the TAFL and the TFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Hyoga (or Magnus in the American adaptations as the Netflix one) , the incredible and heroic knight of Cygnus from the series Saint Seiya (also known as Knights of the Zodiac), created and illustrated by the genial Kurumada Masami!

Hyoga is the character that charmed me so deeeeeeply since my childwood because he represents the kind of boy that once I was grown up, I always considered as the standard of a good man. I mean, he is the reason why my consideration about this ideal man is so high and about real men is so low. It is beacause he is a person full of goodwill, valorous and full of ideals of justice and friendship, things that these days are almost forgotten by people.

He is the kind of guy that always puts the beloved ones before himself, and he has a great development that during the series (the many of them) made me love him more and more. At the begin he looks like a cold person that is not even interested in the Galaxian War or in the prize of the Sagittarius' Cloth, and it is because he was not devoted to a goddess like almost everyone else, he was not devoted to Athena. He was devoted to his dead mother. Reaching her through the deepest glacial sea of Russia and taking her a flower was the reason why he wanted to become a Saint, and his reason to fight until the time in which his master, Aquarius Camus, fought him in order to let him conquer the seventh sense and make this as a memory and not as a weak point.

Once Hyoga found friendship and comrades, he changed. He became more gentle and more sociable, he started to follow Athena. And even if he will always take his mother's precious memories inside his heart, he found his own way to live and go on. Every kind of Saint Seiya spin-off and series are welcome to see him in different ways (in Episode G: Assassin, as example, we can see a 36 years old Hyoga that is even a father for an adopted child that he called Natassia, like his mother), but I personally consider the Sanctuary Arc with the Twelve Temples his best moments. Poseidon's Arc and the Hades Trilogy are great but I do not think my heart got out of my chest as in that Sanctuary Arc. That was the best of the best and I especially enjoyed his fight with Scorpio Milo and the one with Aquarius. They are really, really beautiful to admire Hyoga's development as a knight and more than anything, as a person.

I could talk about him for hours, so I will say more in his profile section. If you have time to lose and are interested in my opinions, here~ Do not feel offended if you read things you do not like, eh? There are my opinions there, even insults for Freya.

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