Name: Hyoga
Birthday; January 23
Age: 14 (at the begin), approximately 35-36 (Episode G: Assassin), 39 (Omega), 40 (Omega season 2).
Nationality: Russian (half-Japanese)
Height: 173cm, 182cm (Omega)
Weight: 60kg, 72.6kg (Omega)
Blood type: O
Constellation: Cygnus
Rank: Bronze Saint
Alias: Midgar (because of Dolvar's hypnosis in the movie "Kamigami no Atsuki Tatakai"), Future Aquarius Saint (acknowledged by Aquarius Mistoria in Saint Seiya - Next Dimension)
Training: East Siberia
Masters: Crystal Saint (anime), Aquarius Camus (manga & anime).
Attacks: Diamond Dust, Kholodnyi Smerch (manga-only), Aurora Thunder Attack, Aurora Execution, Freezing Coffin.
Family: Natassia (mother), Natassia (adopted daughter in Saint Seiya Episode G: Assassin).


Hyoga is one of the 100 (everytime I think about this, I am happy that he has nothing in common with his crazy father) Kido Mitsumasa's sons. Born and grown in Siberia, he is really bonded to his deceased mother Natassia, that lost her life traveling the cold sea to let Hyoga meet his father in Japan. Unluckily the ship downs in the sea and he losts his mother, but he is safe.
He grows up trying to find a way to destroy the huge blanket of ice that locks up his mother's corpse in the Siberia's sea and go there to take a flower to her. So he is trained by Aquarius Camus together with Isaac, another child, to become a warrior of Athena.

Since his only reason was his mother, he grows up cold and with not any goals but seeing her again. Her death shocked him at the point that even his friendship with Isaac was not enough to stop him to make a foolish act as trying to destroy the profound ice of the Siberian's sea just to reach her corpse, and Isaac ended up almost dying to save Hyoga's life. It was there that Hyoga thought that Isaac was dead, because he never found the corpse and because of the glacial, cold sea that would likely kill anyone that has the arrogance to try to swim down in there.

Isaac trained to become Cygnus Saint too, but Hyoga was the chosen one, and this was another reason why Isaac and him had arguments during their training. Also, Camus told him many times that his dead mother was not a sufficient reason to become one of Athena's knights, and Hyoga agreed because he didn't care about Athena or something else that was not his mother. She was the reason to him. The reason to get stronger and stronger and destroy that deep ice. Moreover, Hyoga and his mother were Christians. He even has a cross pendant that his mother left to him, but his faith in Athena came with time.

As first thing, he was not interested in the Galaxian War at all. He never cared about the Sagittarius' Cloth or such, but he came to Athene because Kido Mitsumasa ordered him to kill the Bronze Saints. Is there that he joins the fights just to take them down, but after the first victories he faces Ikki, and here it is what changed his life totally. He meets Seiya, Shun and Shiryu and they become precious comrades to him. He also found out that Kido Saori, adopted grand-daughter of Mitsumasa, was the reincarnation of Athena. Many things changed inside of him while facing any kind of enemy, and after the Bronze Saints, he even had to fight the Silver ones, and also many other opponents, and the more they were strong the more he needed his comrades' collaboration and help to win.

So the cold heart of Hyoga starts to be warmed thanks to Seiya and the others. He start to be kinder to his friends but always glacial and mortal in his battles with his enemies. Because he never fights without a strong reason and he is always determined to understand the deep of the reasons of his opponents before killing them. It is because he knows well how important life is, but he alwso has a high sense of pride and a huge self-control that even with many risks, takes him to be a valour knight in every kind of situation. This is the reason why he never backs down in front of an offence or an unfair act. He is a man of justice and he always follows his own justice, that sometimes takes him too far from his starting point, but never over his spirit of loyal warrior.

It is in the first Sanctuary Arc, while trying to save Saori's life, that he has his biggest development and it is because of Camus and the fact that he never let go the memory of his dead mother. That was the reason why Camus understood that he was not qualified to reach the seventh sense, so the Gold Saint made the ship be lost in the deepest of the sea and Hyoga had to say goodbye to his mother bacause now there was no more a way to reach her. The despair killed his sense of realty and he got mad at Camus, that tried with all himself to teach once more his pupil that he has to be free to become what he wants and overcome his limits. Hyoga lost that fight and was caught in an ice coffin in the Libra temple, that Camus made to "protect him" from a future of death.

In truth, Seiya and the others reached the Libra temple and found out about Hyoga, so after Shiryu succesfully destroyed the ice (not without sacrifices and efforts, and thanks to the help of the Libra Cloth) while Seiya and Shiryu moved forward to the Scorpio temple, Shun decided to remain there and sacrifice his own life to warm Hyoga using his cosmo to save his life. Shun's sacrifice was a success, because Hyoga woke up and was ready to go on and show Aquarius his real self and his determination to save Athena. Shun was saved anyway.

So Hyoga reached the Scorpio temple and found his comrades totally destroyed by Milo, the Gold Saint of Scorpio. To make them go forward, Hyoga decides to fight Milo, and the two of them has a fierce battle where Milo tries to all himself to understand Hyoga's feelings, because there was no way he could find a single reason why he had to perish there like a traitor since he was Camus's pupil. His friendship with Camus and the rispect for him were the reason why he sympathized with Hyoga and gave him the chance to go away. But Hyoga wanted to fight him and save Athena, so they started a mortal battle where Milo decided to give honour to Hyoga treating him like a real knight and using his fatal Scalet Needle against him. Fifteen stings to the neural system and the last one called Antares would have been the fatal one if only Milo would wanted to, but... Hyoga's determination impressed him and he decided to save Hyoga's life because there was no way that a real man like him would act like a traitor as the great pope said. And, even if Milo won the battle because of the supremacy of his Golden Cloth, Hyoga was the real winner because if it was not for his armor, Milo would have been killed by Hyoga's attacks, that iced all the fifteen stars of the Scorpio constellation. Milo didn't know if Kido Saori really was Athena or not, but he decided to trust Hyoga and the others, that were about to sacrifice their lives to save hers. So he presses a point in Hyoga's body and stop the bleeding, healing him as he could. That is one of my favorite scenes so far because Milo is a beautiful person and the way he entrusts people and gives them the chance to think again about their bad actions and be safe is soooo unique. He can stop himself even if he is about fighting a mortal battle if he thinks that is the right thing to do. What a rational man???????

Milo is a man of justice that always search for the truth in a pragmatic way of thinking and he uses his brain very well before making an action or putting his life on a risk, and there are sides of Hyoga that are very similar to Milo's ones, because while fighting Isaac, and Hagen before him, he tries to avoid to kill them but has no choise at the end.

Anyway, after this, there is the final battle against Camus and here Hyoga finds the strength to reach the Absolute Zero and kill his master. Now the memory of his mother is over and even still loving her, he can go on and look forward without leaving any weak points to be hit behind. Seiya succesfully saves Athena and everything is solved.

After all this, his Cygnus Cloth is detroyed but Milo, that now considers him as his pupil after Camus' death, gives his own blood to let Mu repair the armor. What a man, eh.

Some times are passed and the new danger is in the filler arc of Asgard, where Hyoga and the others fights to stop Hilda, Odin's represent, to destroy the world. He fights Asgard warriors and especially his fight against Hagen is very difficult, because that dude made a battle in a magmatic field in a cave and Hyoga was almost killed by the temperature and the negative circumstances. Anyway, he won that battle and go forward, succesfully defeating Hilda in the end, always together with the others. But there was no way for him to have some rest because Saori is kidnapped by Poseidon and Hyoga and co. have to save her. It is in this arc that he finds out that his old comrades Isaac is alive and became Kraken, a sea warrior of Poseidon. Isaac seems to hate him because he became the Cygnus Saint even if he couldn't care less of Athena and he still was not as resoluted as a real man had to be, because his dead mother was his weakest point. Isaac lost an eye to save him the time that Hyoga got imprisoned in the ice sea to reach her, so Hyoga asked him to destroy the same eye as him, to pay for his mistakes. Hyoga wanted to give his life to Isaac and die because of everything Isaas passed those years, but Isaac is not interested in let him save Athena so they fight, and again, Hyoga is forced to kill a precious person to save someone else. After difficult moments and fights, he reaches Poseidon and succesfully defeat him together with Seiya and the others, saving Saori.

During the fight against Isaac there are a lor of sides of Hyoga that I thought he had abandoned after Camus' death, but it was not like that. Because old memories still took him to treat his life as nothing. Hyoga is about losing the fight, and more important, his own life, to pay for things happened because of mistakes when he was a kid. This shows how much a warm and passionate person he really is. Even if with a mask of coldness, he really is full of feelings that makes him a real knight, a real man. He is ready to die to save someone, and he is also ready to die to pay for his mistakes. I appreciate such a prideful but modest person. Hyoga really is it and I love the contrast between his rational mind and his way to keep his cold in difficult moments with the fact that he is always ready to die if he feels like it is necessary.

After Poseidon's loss, time is passed and a new danger is there, it is Hades. Hyoga spent time in Siberia and he still is about crying on the thick ice that distances him from his mother (obviously, it is only figurative, because there is no way, no more, that he can reach that ship lost in the sea). He is attacked by some dead Silver Saints and decides to turn back in Athene to see what is happening. He found out that the dead Saints are resurrected and they are trying to start a new war for Hades, so he decides to fight again. This time Saori doesn't want them to risk their lives for her, and forbid them to join this war. Initially, everyone tries to take them outside the war, but seeing that Athena is risking her life, Hyoga and the others are finally helped to reach her.
Anyway, this is very difficult because they have to face the dead Gold Saint too, and Saga, Shura and Camus look like they are trying their best to serve Hades and bring Athena's life to him. Even the remaining Gold Saints join the war against Hades and more than anything, against their old comrades, and they almost lose their lives to defeat them. It is Milo, Mu and Aiolia that try to stop Saga and the others, and it is Virgo that forces them to use a forbidden move called Athena Exclamation to show if they really were traitors or not.

Athena Exclamation is a move of three Gold Saints make together that Athena herself prohibited because it is so powerful that as the Big-Bang, it could destroy everything. Using that move means to deny to be a Athena' Saints, but Saga and the others still do it to fool Hades. They almost kill Virgo and they are about doing it again against another Athena Exclamation made by Milo, Mu and Aiolia, there to avange the lost Virgo, but Shiryu stops them (in the manga is Shiryu, because in the anime it is the four of them. Seiya, Shun and Hyoga with him. I don't know why but meh, ok...?). Ikki refuses to join a war that Athena didn't permit, so he chose to remain outside this thing, at the moment at least.

Hyoga and the others find out the truth about Saga and the others, that never left Athena's side and tried to save her fooling Hades, but the dead Gold Saints perish again without accomplishing their real goal.

Virgo shows Athena that the only way to make the war end is to raise the eighth sense called Arayashiki, go to the underworld and destroy Hades from there. So she uses the dagger that thirteen years ago Saga held to try to kill her and suicides. Obtaining the Arayashiki is the way for Hyoga and the others to reach her too, so they don't listen to Dohko's advices and go in the underworld. There they have to fight again and the remained Gold Saints destroy the Wall of Lament together with the dead ones, to let Seiya and the others reach the Elysium and Athena. All the Gold Saints sacrify themselves and even Canon, that lets the Gemini Cloth to his brother, perish to kill Rhadamanthys together with him.

After Shun is revealed to be Hades' destined body host, they fight to save him and defeat Hades. It is during the travel to Elysium that Hyoga saves Shiryu and obtain the Cygun God Cloth, with beautiful wings (Seiya too). They fight together once more and this is because of the power of love and humans that Seiya gets to defeat Hades at the cost of his life.

I still am reading Next Dimension, so I will write my other thoughts later. Anyway, The Hades Arc is not compared to the Sanctuary one to me. Not that much about Hyoga's development or such, al least. I already had some disappointment (or it would be better saying delusion) in the Poseidon's Arc, but I can't see a single development for him here. I mean, at least in the manga spin-off and the anime series that comes after, he does something. In Episode G: Assassin he even is the owner of a local and adopted a little child calling her Natassia. He is an adorable father and I wish I was the bride...!!!! Aaaah... Shun is something like that. Even Natassia recognizes him as that. I can't win this.

His role in Omega is... mmmhhh, so so. I do not like how he is treated in this series but I do understand that too much time has passed and the new generations of Saints have almost nothing in common with the old ones. He is injured and treated like an old man that can't reach his youth anymore, and he can't stay at the same level as the new Saints even if he is part in the new battles against Saturn. I feel sad even if he wins his fights, but I am glad he is there. At least he is alive and I have apprecieted so much his way to help Koga. And I loooove the fact that here he is voiced my Miyano Mamoru, that is my favorite Japanese voice actor!!!!!

About the other manga... His appearance in Saintia Sho is just figurative, he never speaks a word. He is nomined and he appears through Milo and Shoko's thoughts. Also, through the narration of the events of the first Sanctuary Arc, at the twelve temples.

I watched the first OVA about Goddess Eris and it is too brief. I can't even know Eri well but she looks very cute and I like her and Hyoga together. Too bad this thing was not canon in the manga and she never appeared again. I do not like Freya at all and she is a fucking bitch to me. She already has a special bond with Hagen, so she is a bitch to me and that's all.

I love the relationship between Hyoga, Seiya, Shun, Shiryu and Ikki. They are real friends and they love each other so much. They are ready to die to help a friend and they are real knights, royal to their goddess.

Another thing I love sooooooo much about Hyoga is that he prays. He prays so much. Also Shun prays so much. I am so glad. Prays can save your soul and give you hope.

Hyoga is really a beautiful character and I am so fashinating by him. He is a man of pride and justice. He is reliable, and he likes children. I wish there were more Hyogas in this world... but I am glad that Kurumada-sensei created him. I can love him as much as I want in my mind.

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