Hello! Welcome to "In My Own Way", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Kardia , the sadistic Gold Saint of Scorpio from the series Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas. The original Saint Seiya project is created by Kurumada Masami while Lost Canvas is written and illustrated by Teshirogi Shiori!

Kardia is my favorite character from Lost Canvas and I think he is the most beautiful person that Teshirogi-sensei ever made!!

He has the heart of a child but the instinct of someone that only wants to live his life fully, at the best, without caring too much of the problems or of the sad things. He also is a boy with always a smile on his face, and he tries his best to make sad people happy too! I adore his friendship with Degel and his one with Sasha, that is not just "Athena" for him, but a real friend too!

Kardia is also an incredible fighter and his Scarlet Needle is so cool! His smile is so bright that I feel irradiated every time I look at him~

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