Hello! Welcome to "Free the Truth and let Justice be done", the TAFL and TFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Milo , the brave and pragmatic Gold Saint of Scorpio from the series Saint Seiya (also known as Knights of the Zodiac), created and illustrated by the genial Kurumada Masami!

Milo is the first Gold Saint that I can remember to have seen when I was just more than a little child, watching tv. That time I thought he was simply handsome, so I decided that he was my favorite Gold Saint even if all I had seen about him was just him talking with the great pope and Aiolia at the Sanctuary. Now I am 35 and I got to know more about him through other Saint Seiya manga and anime, and... I can only say that no. He is not just a handsome man as I thought in my childhood, he is such a beautiful person inside and I would pray to meet a man like him. Deeeear God, who had read the Hades chapters knows what I am saying and I don't even have proper words to explain how fantastic this person is.

His "fight" with Canon made me love him a thousand times more than I loved him already and I knew he was smart and with a golden heart because he saved Hyoga and trusted him, but Ooooh, my God... The fight with Canon is what made me think "THIS IS A MAN, THIS IS FANTASTIC! IS THIS EVEN REAL!??". Milo really looks scary because he is a serious person and he always wants to find the truth over making justice (from here the title of this fanlisting), at the point that he didn't trust the great pope and he even mistrusted Canon because of his betrayal, but he faced and forgave him eventually saying he was not a traitor but a comrade. MY HEART CRIES. You do not have idea how much that scene was like an epiphany to me. I realized that he was not a good man, he was spectacular!!!

And I love so much how strong he feels friendship and treasures his friends. He is such a good person that always tries to do the right thing in order to be fair and do not betray his cosmo.
His role in Soul of Gold made me smile because... it is totally him.
I mean, he didn't even try to enjoy the new life that was gifted to him. He searched for the truth and once he found it, he fought with all himself and did his best as always, leaving the scene with a complete beautiful and satisfacted smile on his face.
Because he is a very self-confident person that never follows what he thinks it is not right. He only follows his heart.

He can see over appearances and once he found how a person really is, he is easy to call that person "friend" and "comrade". And to give his own life to protect that friend.

God, I love him so much.

His Scarlet Needle is so cool, isn't it? I have other infinite things to say but let's talk about him in the proper section, his profile.

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