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Name: Yusei
Surname: Fudo
Ages: 18
Known as: King / New King
Dragon Mark: Tail
Deck theme: Synchro
Favorite Card: Star Dust Dragon

Differently from the previous protagonists in the Yu-Gi-Oh! meta-series, Yusei is older and tends to be calm and cool much of the time, but just like them, he is always prone to make new friends and is determined to fight till the end to protect them. His friends also respect and admire him for his honor and great dueling skills.


Character biography

Jack Atlas , the Riding Duel Champion and Yusei's former best friend in Satellite, stole the Duel Runner Yusei made himself and his best card, Stardust Dragon before becoming a resident of Neo Domino City and the "Riding Duel King." Yusei vowed to get back his card at all costs. After building a new Duel Runner with the help of Rally Dawson, Yusei manages to find Jack and both of them duels to determine who gets to keep Stardust Dragon but their Riding Duel is interrupted by the appearance of a Crimson Dragon right before the winner is determined. The Dragon bestows Yusei with a birthmark.

Yusei is arrested shortly after for trespassing into Neo Domino and got a criminal marker on his face, signifying his criminal record, and was sent to a detention camp where he met Yanagi Tenzen who informs Yusei of the Crimson Dragon and the Signers. He later duels Jin Himuro, a former Pro Duelist, after Himuro calls Tenzen's cards "trash" and wins. Himuro offers his assistance to him after defeating the corrupt warden Takasu and gaining their freedom. Although freed, Yusei retained his status as a criminal due to his marker.

Yusei is given refuge by the twins Luna and Luka. When he leaves, he is threatened to participate in the Fortune Cup by Rex Godwin's crony, Jeager. In the quarter-finals of the Fortune Cup, Yusei faced Mukuro Enjo disguised as Shira and won, moving to the semifinals and his opponent in the semifinals is Bommer. After beating Bommer he advances to the finals and defeats Akiza.

Yusei and Jack settle their quarrels in their second duel to see who will become king which was once again interrupted by the Crimson Dragon who shown images of the Satelite being destroyed by a mysterious spider mark. However both Yusei and Jack manage to finish their duel, resulting in Yusei's victory and making him the new king.

After defeating Jack, Yusei is still disturbed by the vision shown by the Crimson Dragon during his duel with Jack. He meets a man with a Spider Birthmark who calls himself a Dark Signer and challenges him to a "Dark Duel". After defeating the man, the mark disappears, along with the Dark Synchro cards in his deck, and rendering him without memory of the situation.

Worried about what will happened to Satellite, Yusei decided to head back but was interrupted by Ushio and demand that he meets Goodwin. Goodwin tells him about the Signers and Dark Signers, and tells him he would need to gather all 5 Signers to save the world from darkness. When Yusei enquires about the unknown 5th Signer, Goodwin tells him it will come soon. Yusei returns to the Sattelite where he meets up with his old friend Crow and reunites with his friends.



Yusei's greatest rival is Jack Atlas, who was once his best friend. Two years prior to the start of the series, Jack betrayed Yusei and stole his best monster card, "Stardust Dragon", along with his D-Wheel which he had spent so much time building and perfecting. Yusei built a new D-Wheel and confronted his former friend, intending to win back his Dragon in a duel. However, the match was interrupted before a winner was decided. Jack later returns Stardust Dragon before the opening of the Fortune Cup tournament, claiming that it would not be a real battle if he was fighting without his Stardust Dragon.


Dragon Mark

Yusei is one of the five "Signers", and thus bears a "Dragon Mark", representing part of the Crimson Dragon. His mark is located on his right arm, and is in the shape of the Dragon's tail. It first appears during his duel with Jack, when Stardust and Red Dragon Archfiend attack one another, though it disappeared again afterwards. It now only appears when Yusei is around other dueling Signers, or when he summons Stardust Dragon. After Rex Godwin discovers Yusei's mark, he is invited to enter the Fortune Cup, a tournament Godwin organized to discover the identities of the five Signers. After his duel with Akiza, his dragon mark becomes permanent.



Yusei's Deck uses many speed themed cards and revolves around the Synchro Summoning of the "Warrior" Synchro Monsters, mainly the Junk Warrior. Most of his non-Synchro Monsters are low in Level, giving him more fine control over which Synchro Monster he is able to summon at a given time. Also, each of his 4 Tuner monsters are Levels 1-4, while his 5 Synchro monsters are Levels 4-8.

Yusei uses 2 decks, one for Turbo Duels and one for normal Duels. His Turbo Deck strongly focuses on Trap Cards to bypass the limitations Speed Spells contain.

In his Lightning Deathmatch against Takasu, Yusei used a Deck made of cards given to him by inmates at the detention center. Many of the monsters in this Deck are outlaws or otherwise unsavory.

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