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Hi! Welcome to "Determination", a shrine and the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to TENTEN , an amazing kunoichi from the famous anime and manga NARUTO, created and illustrated by the great Masashi Kishimoto!

TenTen is a very fantastic character, absolutely one of my favourite!
She isn't the tipycal girl that fights when she has a minute or that lives her life following the others, she's an indipendent kunoichi that spends her days training together with Neji and Lee, her beloved team partners! And obviously, with Guy-sensei, her master!
TenTen is very skilled with each type of weapon and she uses many tecniques in order to fight her opponents!

Her strong character and her carefully personality are better in relieve in the anime than in the manga, because she isn't much present in the first part and even in the second one. In the anime we have a different situation and there TenTen got many episodes dedicated to her.

This fanlisting was originally owned by the sweet Kaz , that let me adopt it in December 2008! A very special thanks and hug to her, I adore TenTen and I'll take care of her forever!
I chose this title for ther fanlisting because I think that "determination" is the greatest quality of TenTen! She can reach her goal to become a fantastic kunoichi like Tsunade-sama with pledge and determination!


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