Hello! Welcome to "Born to Be Together", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to the relationship between Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina , Naruto's parents from the famous series Naruto, created and illustrated by the great Kishimoto Masashi!

To me, Minato and Kushina are the only ones that represents love in this series, and their story is so adorable. Kushina was a girl full of problems that was everything but able to make a relationship with someone else. She was a loner that prefered staying her own instead of supporting (and be supported by, of course) someone else, but Minato was different than the other guys, and what they developed was pure love. Everything about them is so romantic and the way that they looked at each other and their will to protect what was really important for them is the reason why I'm in love with this couple. Husband and wife that sacrified their own lives to save their son, and this is an example of not just two parents, but about two human beings. They were kind and strong, and they put their everything to make Naruto a nice person, even if just through a message. And... another thing I love so much is that even if they were dead, Naruto knew well how much his parents loved him and protected him until the end. And this made him even stronger than before. Kushina's kindness and Minatos' kindness were two different types, but... that's the reason why I think they're complementary, and I love to think about them as the perfection of love and support in this series. Even with sadness...

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