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Name: TenTen
Birthday: March, 29
Height: 164 cm
Blood Type: B
Team Sensei: Might Guy
Team Partners: Hyuga Neji & Rock Lee
Graduation: Genin (1st Series) Chuunin (2nd Series)
Village: Konoha
First Apparition: 36th Chapter (manga); 21th Episode (anime)
Tecnique: Twin Rising Dragons



TenTen isn't the tipycal girl that fights when she has a minute or that lives her life following the others, she's an indipendent kunoichi that spends her days training together her team. She is very skilled with each type of arms and she uses many tecniques in order to fight her opponents, like the one called "Soshoryu", which the whole she summons two dragons.

Her strong character and her carefully personality are better in relieve in the anime than in the manga, because she isn't much present in the first part and even in the second one. In the anime we have a different situation and there TenTen got many episodes dedicated to her.
TenTen's dream is to be a great kunoichi like Tsunade-sama, the fantastic woman that her follows as model.

Personal Opinion

How cute is this girl? I love her personality, I think that Kishimoto-sensei could give more space to her! He declares that TenTen is his favourite female character and his type of girl... but we want more her in the series, not only in his brain!! XD
I think that she can become one of the strongest kunoichi in Konoha and the rest of villages, and I hope in a happy ending with Neji!


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