When I started to read D.N. Angel, I was so happy to see that there were two twins! *__* From when I was very little, people that I don't know, mistake me and my sister for twins, (though she's older than me. At the begin it was a bother for me, but, going on, we both found out that these kind of tricks are very funny, so we decided to give up and to reply with a "Yes!" to the answer "Are you twins?".
  Going again back to the manga, Risa and Riku are very similar to both of us too, even if not physically! XD We always fight each other, but we try to help each other too, and, the most important thing to me, is that we are almost inseparable.
  When I saw that this fanlisting was up for adoption, I just thought to apply, because I deeply wanted to own a fanlisting that is like a treasure to me! So, thanks again, Colleeen, to let me adopt it!!! *hugs*

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