Risa is a superficial girl who tries to get what she wants with her physical appearance... But we all know that puppy eyes are not all in life. In fact, she can use these tactics just with Niwa Daisuke that, at the begin of the story, is in love with her. She always rejects him, anyway. Since she's always with her head upon the clouds, it is Riku that always worries about her. She can't cool very well and is very fickle. She loves every kind of cute things and she's always à la mode. When she needs something (would it be a favour or just asking to copy homeworks) she asks Riku, who rarely says no. She falls in love with Dark, even if their relation would be kinda clandestine (and maybe it's because of this appareance that she starts to prove something for this mysterious character), and after many tries, she confesses her feelings to him and he replies with a lips (that for her will be a hope to conquer him). She will become important for him after some volumes of the manga, but because of this, he tells her to don't see each other anymore. Risa will be extremely down for this and later she will be kidnapped by Argentine. A character that will approache her is Hiwatari Satoshi. In more than a case, he helps her and rates her from what happened. Even if he is usually cold with all, he's always kind with Risa.

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