The relationship between Risa and Riku is very sweet. They're twin, so they're even more connected then other siblings. They love each other very much and both of them are always together, trying to help the other.
  Even if their personalities are almost the opposite, they menage to get very well along together. Risa is a vain girl, instead, Riku is the the sporting one. As I previously said, they're very connected together, in fact, if one of them is sick, the other feels the same pain, they feel a lot the ampathy between their bond, and it is shown more than once in the manga.
  Risa is the one that usually needs help, and the first one is when it is about homework, but Riku is very kind and does always her best to give a hand, not just with material things. Though she was in love with Daisuke, at the begin, she saw that it was the same for Risa, and she decided to give up, in order to cheer for her. This is a very deep proof of love from Riku, because she will suffer a lot, but at the end, she will be awarded with the love of the boy she likes. In the manga, they have a special chapter dedicated to their childhood. It is very sweet, I cry almost all the times I read it...
  They're always together and they don't fight the most of the time... but part of it! XD Well, it won't be a bond big like this, without any kind of tiff!

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