The reason why I chose Obsessional as title... XD

Because Namie's biggest peculiarity is that she's obsessed with her younger brother Seiji, and she adfirms that:

"she'll do anything for Seiji's sake"

and that's right, all her actions are for the beloved borther. She's totally addicted by his presence but their relation isn't based on something that we can label as "reciprocal love".
Namie loves him but he's in love with Certy's head, so Namie's feelings are unrequited.
She knows it very well but she doesn't care about a return of feelings, she's happy just protecting and making happy her brother, in EVERY ways, even against the law.

Seiji is Namie's life and I think that this word is the best one to describe her as title of her fanlisting.

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