Name: Namie
Surname: Yagiri
Age: 25
Hobby: Cooking
Job: Chief of Yagiri Pharmaceuticals
Voice Actress: Sanae Kobayashi

Namie appears since the first novel and she's the chief of Yagiri Pharmaceuticals.
A serious and professional woman that lives for her brother Seiji and hides warm and strong feelings behind a mask of coldness.
She's the person that Shinra chose to keep his secret about Certy's head (that was gave to her uncle some years ago and when she became chief, it was possessed by her) and even if her major desire is to be loved by Seiji, it's ok for her be just "the older sister", the one ables to protect him in every situation.
Namie knows that Seiji is in love with Certy's head since he was a child and she always stayed by his side, protecting him from the police too, because Seiji comes to the decision to escape together with Certy's head and Namie told to him that she'll tack on Certy's head ina body to allows to him to stay together with her.
But Namie hides a secret, a big lie, because she never tacked on Certy's head in a body (the one of Harima Mika, the girl that Seiji thought he killed her), she simply asked to Mika (that is in love with Seiji) to do an intervent of plastic surgery on her face, to become the same of Certy.
She makes it and Namie and her lie to Seiji about the situation.
Namie's heart is broken because her brother escapes from home without considering his sister that loves him with all herself, but she decides to search for him asking help to Izaya.
The development of the situation isn't the one that Namies believed and Mikado finds the truth about Mika's identity and Certy's head, so Namie is constricted to leave her job, and she starts another one with Izaya, that hires her as his girl Friday.
They live together and they hide the secret of Certy's head, but they doesn't share the same goal: Izaya wants to create a war between rivals gangs; Namie wants back her beloved brother.
They work together to realize all their proposes and Namie starts to live a simple life at home, like a wife that takes care of her husband and works for him and together with him.

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