The first version (lol maybe the last one XD) of the layout features Lelouch & C.C., the main characters of Code Geass. I fell in love with this image and decided to open this site that is a collection of all my works.
    I made it in 2 days, it is very simple, but I like it, especially for the atmosphere that is very cold but romantic at the same time. I was unsure about the image to use in the footer, and when I was choosing the image (I usually prefer chibis) I saw that image on 2chan. Both of them are images of the DVD boxes of the series Code Geass and drawn by CLAMP.

    About the menu, I thought to make something different this time and inserted the clock! XD It's very cute with that chibi C.C.. It was my sister Dorothy who told me to use that one and I agreed because she points at something (in the original image at the Lancelot Frontier) and in this context to the clock.

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