I really don't know what to write here, but there are a few things I think that are important.


  1. Can I donate something to the site?
  2. - I love donations, especially if they're about new codes~ Thanks!


  1. Can I send images/fanarts etc. for your shrines?
  2. - Sure that you can! But please, be patient if they're too much.


  1. Can I use the contents of your sites?
  2. - Sure~ But remember to credit me for everything you copy. If it is about Icons, go ahead, they're made for you!


  1. Can I use your layout?
  2. - No, you can't . I know that this is nothing particular but I don't like stealing images/layout or similar. If you need something, go ahead and send me an email.


  1. How can I contact you?
  2. - Send me an email to miriallia [ @] libero [.] it. I'll reply ASAP. Don't ask for Skype/MSN/Facebook and other personal things, please.


  1. I found some errors in your sites...
  2. - I'd be happy to know what they're about if you can. If that's a matter of php or grammar, please let me know~ I'm Italian and I know I'm not perfect, but I always try my best.


  1. Why is there just a domain for two sisters?
  2. - In the last years I got some problems because of this. At the begin, me and my sister decided to buy a site just for MAR and to dedicate it entirely to that series. But we started to built fanlisting and so, we decided to keep it for that purpose too. We're absolutely not the same person, and I bet you just can see it from the fact that our interests are kinda the same (talking about anime/manga) but totally different if we talk of other things.
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