Aka: Diana, Kuchiki Rukia, C.C., Katsumi and I don't remember how many
Birthday: January, 18 1986
Country: Italy
Profession: I'm looking for a job (?)
Interests: reading, manga, anime, foreign languages, internet, animals
Favourite mangas: Neither, Ruroni Kenshin, ARMS, MAR, Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro.
Favourite anime: Code GEASS, Gundam (the most of the series), all the titles I wrote for mangas.
Favourite Book: Romeo & Juliet, The Picture of Dorian Gray.
Favourite Author: William Shakespeare.
Favourite Mangaka: Matsuri Hino.
Favourite Film: Shakespeare in Love, Seven
Favourite color: Azure, blue
Favourite Characters: omg too many, but at the moment, my favourite ones are Lelouch, C.C., Shirley (all from Code GEASS), Phantom, Diana (MAR)
Favourite Music: Japanese music, my favourite singer is Takanori Nishikawa. And I love old music from 80's nearly to the year 2000.

    Hum... I usually don't like writing paragraphs about myself, since I'm still trying to understand what kind of person I am. I usually ask to the others, but I think that nobody will ever know the true myself, I can say that I don't know, maybe the others can't figure it out too.
    What I can surely say about me is that I'm very LAZY, I love to learn things but I hate to waste my time. I get angry very easily with stupid people and with whom says lies just to touch the others. I hate hypocrisy and all the people who just say that everything is fine and don't say what they think because "I'm a friend".
    I love playing with the PS2, but I rarely do it nowadays, unfortunately. When I'm home (and I'm not in front of the computer), I prefer reading manga or just take a Shakespeare's play, I love them. I absolutely hate cleaning and homeworks, but I have to do them when it is needed and when I need it. I hate when people order me something, I think that asking politely is the right thing to do.
    I love taking pictures, cosplaying, sometimes drawing.
    The thing I love the most is to learn languages, especially Japanese, that I'm trying to learn and I can say that I know just the basis of it! XD I should learn better French unfortunately it's a subject I got in the university, but I'm totally not into it XD.
    I like very much animals, especially dogs! :3 I have a yorkshire terrier and his name is Jono, it is the name of the character of Yu-Gi-Oh! that I love the most, Katsuya Jonouchi! Playing with them is very nice at times XD and I love to come back home seeing him wag his tail. But the thing I love the most is my family, they're the person that always make my day and make me happy to live and to be in this world.
    The thing I haven't mentioned is web designin! XD But I like it very much, obviously! And I'm happy to see that my layouts and my ideas are always so appreciated the most of the times! :D I always see them copied and I'm shocked about this! °_°
    Last but not least, I love walking. I take looong walks when I can~ It is a way to look better the shops all the way: I adore shopping! And I love to travel, visiting other cities is really worth a seeing.

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