This is Wonderland, or at least.. the part of my site! XD

    Many people who visit it, will surely think to my Fanlisting Collective (they share the same name), and they're right! XD But I wanted to make a place where to collect all the other sites of mine and other things that are still not complete, but with a good part of it, ready! ^-^ More, some people linked my collective with the wrong link (that was the place where now I'm inserting this site) and from now they can see where it is located! :)

    I thought that a site would fit perfectly, and above all, I wanted to use this great image so badly... *___* And here it is! XD I hope that what I made this time won't be copied as the other times, respect the copyright, people, I'm not blind! XD

    I hope to make a good job and continue what I started, so for example, all my shrines can have a good home and can born! XD Can't wait to make all the section, I don't think it will take that long! *-* I think it's all for now! @_@ Feel free to look around and visit all the sections! :D

April, 25 2009 ☆ Miriallia


January, 27 2013

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    Hey there! I thought it was about time to update again~ To tell the truth, I updated something in the last years, but I never got the chance to write something here. Anywaaay~ You can find almost all the sections and I hope I'll update again in the future. I'm happy to see that I improved a lot in these years with scripts and such! I hope I'll always do better! *w* Aaand... Check the page, you'll surely find updates even if I won't post anything here! Being lazy is seriously a cross.

    Ah! I just realized there's no "Main page" button in this site... what a shame. :/


April, 27 2009

Listening to: abingdon boys school - STRENGHT.

    First update!!! XD I'm here just because I inserted the About, History and Layout sections! ^-^ It is the first time I write a paragraph about myself, so it's my first try, I'll try to insert more if I recall something else. I enjoyed very much writing these sections, I can't wait to complete the other parts of this site! :D I'll go and update some of my fanlistings now, they really deserve it, and some of them need a revamp... ç_ç I'll work hard! *__*


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