Hello! Welcome to "So, I finally Met my Hope", the TAFL and the TFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Kirigiri Kyoko , my favorite character from the game, manga and anime series Dangan Ronpa, created and developed by Spike Chunsoft and animated by Studio Lerche!

Kyoko is a mysterious girl who usually investigates alone and doesn't trust the others, until the day she understands that she can put her faith in Naegi.
She's a silent girl who usually tries to help in every way, and her great abilities of detective are the reason why people like Togami don't trust her, together with the fact that she has an amnesia.

Kyoko's title is known in the last part of the game, so I'll put it under spoiler in the proper section.

Even if she looks cold and quiet, she has a strong personality and many times a short temper too, because she has no patient with Naegi or the ones who try to hide something to her.
Anyway, Kyoko is a beautiful person with strong feelings, that simply hides behind a mask of coldness because she's afraid to show her feelings to the others.
I love her so much, she's the first female character I've ever loved in this game and she absolutely is my favorite one~

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