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    I really wanted to know her better... T^T Sayaka-chan was a very positive character that I enjoyed very much! She knew how to cheer the others up and to help when it was needed. It was a pity that she had a complex that lead her to die at the begin of the series. I was totally upset because I was sure that she would last until the end of the story and instead, she was the first to be murdered and... it's all her fault. D: Anyway, she was honest when she told Makoto everything she could and that she was glad to see him again, though the context was not a happy one. She is a straight and frank character that usually acts for her purpose too, leaving behind whatever she is not interested in. I could venture a guess if I say that she had a double personality, but that's what she revealed in the story. She couldn't bear the burden of what was going to happen and started the tragedy that would eventually occur anyway. I really understand her point of view, because in a situation like that, I would be really scared... though I don't know if I would kill trying to live, because I'd have the luck to die anyway! XD What she wanted was to be happy with her idol companions who unfortunately died as almost everyone else outside the school. If only she could know about the truth, who knows if she could still be there?

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