Name: Kyoko
Surname: Kirigiri
Title: Super High-School Level Detective
Birthday: October 6th
Gender: Female
Height: 167cm
Weight: 48kg
Seiyuu: Hikasa Youko


A mysterious female who seemingly has amnesia but also possesses a cool head and reasoning skills. The skill for which she was accepted into the academy for is unknown, so her presented title is Super High School Level ???. Whilst generally untrusting of others, she soon comes to believe in Makoto and helps him out on many occasions. She later finds out her true title is Super High School Level Detective, having had more of her memories removed than the others due to how her talent would hinder Monokuma's plans. She always wears a pair of gloves, which is later revealed to be for hiding some burns she received on her hands when she was younger. She is also the daughter of Hope's Peak Academy's headmaster. She survives the game and manages to escape the academy (although a bad ending in the game depicts her getting executed), later reappearing in Super Danganronpa 2 as a member of the Future Foundation.


Informations Source: Wikipedia


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